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José Ortiz Dies, Aged 81

by Ghastly McNasty

José Ortiz Moya died yesterday, aged 81. The Spanish artist worked on comics including Warren’s Apocalypse, Night of the Jackass and Coffin in Eerie, and Pantha in Vampirella and of course The Thirteenth Floor.

jose-ortizHe also co-created Hombre with Antonio Segura in the magazine Cimoc, as well as founding the publishing house Metropol in the eighties. During that period he also worked on British comics Eagle, Scream! and considerable work on Rogue Trooper for 2000AD as well as Judge Dredd.He also created and co-created the comics Ives (later, Morgan) and The Thousand Faces of Jack the Ripper, sci-fi comic Burton & Cyb, and in the nineties Juan el Largo.Since then, he worked on Italian comics Tex Willer, Ken Parker and Magico Vento.

José Ortiz’s contribution to Scream!, his work on The Thirteenth Floor and other stories that appeared in the comic, helped to elevate Scream! above the standard level of comic output in the 80’s. Personally, I’ve always considered The Thirteenth Floor as a real gem of a story, Jose’s art took it to a whole new level. He was one of the very best.

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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  • john kealy, December 27, 2013:

    Sorry to hear that José Ortiz has died,l loved his
    work in scream thirteenth floor. Maybe José Ortiz
    Work in the thirteenth floor should be printed in
    An novel by titan or what ever IPC.
    John kealy

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