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Back From The Depths Needs You! (update)

by M.I.K.

Just a couple of days ’til the final deadline for submissions to the Back From The Depths horror fanzine (click that skull on the left for more info), but it seems there’s been a problem with my hotmail address and emails have been bouncing back.

So seeing as we’re not having to deal with printers and the like, you can all have another week to send stuff in, (and that can be artwork, full strips, anything horror based and already finished that you think might be suitable).

The final final deadline is now Saturday October 24th and the new email address to send stuff to is…



Theatre of Terror

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Temple APA Issue Five

by M.I.K.

Temple APA issue 5 is now available to download as a pdf. Features artwork and strips by Adam Grose, Dave Evans, Dave Hailwood, Paul Eldridge, Simon Mackie, Steve Tanner, Stuart Giddings, Tony Suleri and there’s five pages of old Stick-Man strips by me in there too. There’s also a feature on Insomnia Publications and a Small Press Directory and it’s all been put together by John Kirkham as usual.

File’s quite big. About 81mb I think, but that’s ‘cos it’s packed to the gunnels with stuff. Go take a look.


To download issue five, right click on the “attachment” at the above link and “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” if you’re using Firefox


Theatre of Terror

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ABC Warriors Animation Trailer

by M.I.K.



Theatre of Terror

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Penny Dreadful Newsreel from 1937

by M.I.K.

 Cartoonist Lew Stringer recently posted links to comic related Pathe newsreels in his blog and one of them is of particular interest to us…

It features Music hall comedian Barry Ono and his “world’s largest collection” of Penny Dreadfuls. Click the image below to watch the newsreel.



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