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Meet your Hosts

by Ghastly McNasty

Ghastly McNastyGhastly McNasty is the inhuman editor of Back from the Depths and the custodian of horror here on The Theatre of Terror. Lurking in the shadows of your darkest memories this claw-handed wraith is bound by an unearthly contract to make horror comics appear on the internet until the end of civilisation and the rise of the third Age of Evil.

In his spare time Ghastly enjoys reaping souls, torturing small animals and crochet.





M.I.K. is an inhuman entity from a dimension beyond space and time. A dimension which reeks of cheese. Tiring of the constant aroma of dairy produce, he came to our world in search of new, undiscovered smells. Of all the odours he encountered on his travels, the one which appealed to him most was that of ink. Thus, he became a scrawler of images, a teller of tales… but his ways are not our ways, and the stories he weaves are capable of unsettling the most settled of minds. So be forewarned, friends, and be afraid… Be mildly afraid…

M.I.K. also blogs and enjoys long walks and crisps.





Sidesy grew up on a moisture farm on the planet Tatooine. At an early age, he witnessed the murder of his neighbours by Imperial stormtroopers. Traumatised, he left for Earth, where exposure to a yellow sun granted him the powers of flight, super speed and strength. It was here he discovered a love for films and books with pictures in them. One day, he started writing his own books with pictures. Examples of this can be found right here.

He often has an overactive imagination.



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