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Back From The Depths Presents HALLOWSCREAM! 2010 Hallowe’en Special

by M.I.K.

It’s here, full of fear and even bigger than last year!

The Hallowscream 2010 Hallowe’en Special! 84 pages of chills, spills, thrills and kills direct from the deranged freaks at Back From The Depths and it’s completely free!

You can download the pdf file from CLICKWHEEL, DROPBOX, or view it online at MYEBOOK.

File size is 49.1mb.

Full list of contents follows…

Page 1 : Cover by Andrew Milne
Page 2 : Intro by The Reaper, Design by Malcolm Kirk
Page 3 : Contents Background Illustration by Carol Kay
Page 4 : Blackfriars Script & Art by Michael Crouch
Page 9 : Terribly Bad Monsters : Barking Mad! By Christopher Geary
Page 10 : Little Yelena and the Golligugs Script by Matthew McLaughlin,
Art by El Chivo, Letters by Bolt 01
Page 13 : Terribly Bad Monsters : Bite Size by Christopher Geary
Page 14 : The Furry Collar Script & Art by Denise Ross
Page 22 : Terrorvision Guide by Malcolm Kirk
Page 23 : Grandfather’s Books by Sean “Big Ape”
Page 29 : What’s Blood Got To Do With It? Script by Dave Roberts,
Art by Owen Watts, Letters by Malcolm Kirk
Page 30 : Black Damp Script by John Owens, Art & Letters
by Christopher Geary
Page 41 : Mr. Fatty by Tim West
Page 42 : Hole Script by Steev Thulin-Hopper, Art & Letters by Conor Boyle
Page 45 : George Romero’s Living Dead Script by Matt McLaughlin,
Art by Conor Boyle, Letters by Jim Campbell
Page 46 : Wheels of Fortune Script & Art by Philip Sneyd
Page 49 : Speed Date Script by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Liam Matthew Byrne,
Letters by Alan Smithee
Page 54 : Camera Demonica Script by Mark J Howard,
Art by Antony Rothwell
Page 59 : It Wasn’t Me Script by Tim West, Art by Carol Kewley
Page 63 : Escape Plan Script by Patrick Sneyd, Art by Philip Sneyd
Page 64 : Terror of The Sheep by Malcolm Kirk
Page 71 : Windle Script by Liz Warren, Art by Conor Boyle
Page 77 : Promise Script by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Filip Roncone,
Letters by Chain Gun Chimp
Page 84 : Back Cover Skull by Malcolm Kirk


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