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The Thirteenth Floor – Ep 55

by Ghastly McNasty

This week we’re back in business as Max finally unleashed his new 13th Floor.

The Thirteenth FloorThe Thirteenth Floor
The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor – Ep 54
The Thirteenth Floor – Ep 53
The Thirteenth Floor – Ep 52

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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  • john kealy, September 2, 2012:

    hi Ghastly McNasty
    can’t wait till the next part of the thirteenth floor.
    do you know in what issue did the thirteenth floor finish in eagle weekly.
    i printed all TF comic parts.there’s 188 pages???

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  • BO., September 2, 2012:

    dear ghastly
    i am most appreciative of your efforts in releasing these stories on the web, your are a true ghoul among men and have awakened fond remembered days of my comic reading genesis,
    much love bo. xxxxxxx
    p.s. keep up the good work, am lovin the fact max is now in a twisted are you being served.

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  • john kealy, October 3, 2012:

    hi Ghasly McNasty
    when is the next part of the thirteenth floor.
    can’t wait any longer.
    i say we are all waiting etc.

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  • BO., October 4, 2012:

    need more max action, pronto tonto!

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  • BO., December 30, 2012:

    shame this has stopped, guess i need to finally buy an iphone lol

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  • john kealy, March 17, 2013:

    any more thirteenth floor story on this site.
    i miss reading the tf stories.
    any news.

  • avatar
  • john kealy, September 19, 2013:

    any more thirteenth floor stories,
    any news please.

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  • Darren, October 27, 2016:

    Aaaah!!! Been waiting over 3 years to read next part!!!

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  • Damien, January 3, 2018:

    What Happened to all the comic scans? especially 13th floor?

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  • Darren, June 8, 2024:

    12 years later and I still check in to see if episode 56 gets added lol. Even though I have the complete collection in book form now.

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