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London Horror Comic #4

by Ghastly McNasty

Following a two-year break, horror anthology London Horror Comic returns with Issue #4. The series was initially intended to be complete with Issue #3, but continued fan interest and support prompted creator, writer, and publisher John-Paul Kamath to dive into this deranged world once again. Kamath notes that feedback at many UK comic conventions for the first three issues was “really strong, and being a sucker for punishment, I decided to put out a fourth one.”

The book features 36 pages of self-contained, full-color stories and retails for £3.50. It is currently available at the publisher’s website, www.londonhorrorcomic.com, for £3.50 worldwide. Previews of all four issues are also available at the site.

London Horror Comic

In issue four: a traveller takes a paranoid train journey on London’s Underground. A super villain has to deal with life in the real world when he becomes a trainee in a local coffee shop. And the terrors of working the night-shift and repercussions of the credit crunch are also covered in three other stories.

You can see a preview of the comic here.


Theatre of Terror

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Damaged Goods

by Ghastly McNasty

The upcoming Damages Goods graphic novel from the twisted minds of Richard McAuliffe (writer) and Mark Chilcott (artist) is now available to pre-order on the Markosia website. The creator’s goals were to “come up with something disturbing and nasty” which by all account they seem to have achieved.

Damaged Goods

A collection of dark, twisted horror stories designed to get into your head and under your skin. Nobody is safe. Nothing is off limits. No one can be trusted.

This tome of twisted and sometimes horrific tales explains why not all damaged goods can be returned!

Damaged Goods is primal horror that permeates your very soul and will be sure to stay with you long after you put the book down!

Damaged Goods will be getting its official launch at the Cardiff International Comic and Animation Expo on the 25/26th Feb 2012.

UPDATE: Check out our review of Damaged Goods here

You can find out more by visting the Damaged Goods website.


Theatre of Terror

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by Ghastly McNasty

Those who love the weekly dose of a webcomic should head on over to Ethan Nicolle’s Bearmageddon site for a masterclass in how to do webcomics right.

29 year old creator Ethan, is well know for the web comic Axe Cop which has been picked up by Dark Horse. Axe Cop is part written by Ethan’s younger brother Malachai (5) and is an interesting experiment in stream of conscience writing, and a window in to the mind of the younger generation.

Bearmageddon is Ethan’s attempt to go it alone and he writes, pencils and inks the whole story, with colourist Noah Mass doing some excellent work with a vibrant palette.

Bearmageddon tells the story of Joel Morely and his closest friends at the centre of a major attack from bear-kind on the human race. These aren’t just normal bears though. These bears are highly developed and come in a range of bear types, from your standard grizzly, to you more fearsome Octobear, or bear with machine gun/wings/(insert scary thing).

The art work of the characters is comical and light but the bears are drawn in their full ferocious awesomeness. This fun style helps to keep the story amusing, yet you know it can get scary when the bears grace the pages and limbs start getting chewed off.

Start from page 1 by clicking here.


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Animated Blade Series

by Ghastly McNasty

Blade animated series logo

A new animated manga style series of Blade about to be unleashed in Japan. Animax, a division of Sony dedicated to anime TV shows, is already hitting it big with Iron Man and Wolverine series and is now looking to add two more with Blade and X-Men, both of which were announced at San Diego Comic-Con last year.

Harold Perrineau voices Eric Brooks, the supernatural Daywalker known as Blade, making his animated series debut with more action, terrifying villains, and bloodthirsty monsters than you’ve ever seen before. Following in the steps of other hit Marvel anime series, Blade offers viewers 12 half-hour weekly episodes destined to leave you wanting more, exclusively on G4.

Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire while pregnant, imbuing her unborn son with vampire strength and a thirst for blood, but without the vulnerability to sunlight. A master of weaponry with a desire to avenge the death of his mother, Blade finds himself in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia in an effort to take down the evil villain, Deacon Frost. With vampire hunter Makoto at his side, they will stop at nothing to destroy Existence, a vampire organization with roots deeply embedded in Asia.

The animation is done by Japanese company Madhouse and is a combination of traditional animation with computer generated imagery to boot. Released this January.


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