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Damaged Goods Review

by Ghastly McNasty

Damaged Goods ReviewA few months ago I received Damaged Goods in the post. Normally I’d complain to the Post Office (hahahaha) but on this occasion it was a rather sinister looking graphic novel, and the pages within were anything but normal!

Writer, Richard McAuliffe, and artist, Mark Chilcott have crafted 128 pages of disturbing and morally questionable, extreme horror stories that will burrow in to your brain and mess around with the sanity settings in your head. The creative team seems to be in sync, both a little deranged but on the same wave length, and it shows, as the stories and art compliment each other well.

McAuliffe leaves no stones unturned and no boundaries uncrossed in his writing, delivering disgusting scenes of murder and mutilation and then following up with a psychological scare that often requires an instant re-read just to make sure your eyes weren’t deceiving you the first time. It’s interesting stuff and manages to keep you entertained all the way through.

Chilcott is also on top form. Horror stories can lose a lot of their punch if the art fails to deliver an horrific image that disturbs the reader. Not the case with this book. When called upon, Mark delivers the creepy in abundance, drawing some great expressions on the faces of both victims and psycho murderers alike. There’s also a variation in style that keeps the whole thing fresh.

Standout moments of this GN happen when the line between reader and participant is broken. On several occasions you’re dragged unwillingly in to the stories, made to feel more like a dirty voyeur, than just a comic book fan. It’s a powerful way of bringing the audience closer to the creators. It also means you can’t complain about the filthy crimes within the book, or tut at the authors for their twisted minds. You’re a part of this debauchery for wanting to read it in the first place.

You can purchase Damaged Goods via the Markosia website.

Find out more by visting the Damaged Goods website.

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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