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Scream! : Barrie Tomlinson interview

by M.I.K.

Apparently prompted by our very own Jova, British comic news site Down The Tubes have commemorated Scream’s 25th anniversary by posting an interview with Barrie Tomlinson, who was Group Editor of the Boys’ Sport and Adventure Department at Fleetway in 1984 and as such, was responsible for producing Scream!

The interview was originally published in the Eagle Flies Again fanzine in 2005.

Read it here…


Theatre of Terror

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Toxic Magazine Comic Supplement

by M.I.K.

This Wednesday, April 1st, Egmont UK publish their first brand new comic in years. “Crazy Comics!” is released as a 16 page supplement in the latest issue of kids’ magazine, Toxic.

Appropriately for this blog, the line up of stories seems to have a strong supernatural element. Check out some of these titles…

Count Von Poo by Jamie Smart
Zombie Nation by Luke Paton & Laura Howell
Spooks in Space by Paul H. Birch & Steve Harrison
Bovver Baby by John Freeman & Paul J Palmer
The Hoaxers by David Hailwood & Paul Harrison-Davies
WereWilf by Paul H Birch, Shane Oakley & John Erasmus
The Clump by Lew Stringer
Bad Robots by John Freeman & Paul Harrison-Davies
Simon Spectacular by Luke Paton & Stuart Arrowsmith.

 Werewilf’s an interesting one, ‘cos he’s actually a revival of an old character who first appeared in Whoopee comic in 1976.

More information and pictures can be found here…




Theatre of Terror

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Happy Birthday Scream!

by M.I.K.

Just realised that last week was exactly 25 years since Scream! comic first went on sale. Belated Birthday wishes Scream! Let’s have a read of the first issue to celebrate…


Theatre of Terror

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Being Human

by M.I.K.

Being Human

I’m leaving this a bit late, but thought I’d post this anyway.

If you’re in the UK there’s another chance to see the first three episodes of supernatural drama series “Being Humantonight (Saturday 28th March) on BBC Three, with the last three episodes airing next week.

The programme follows the tale of three seemingly ordinary flatmates, but each of them has a dark secret they struggle to keep from the world. Mitchell’s a vampire, George is a werewolf and Annie’s a ghost.

You might now be thinking it all sounds a bit Rentaghost, but Being Human is intelligently written and at times genuinely thought-provoking.

This evening’s viewing looks like this…

21:15–22:15 Unearthed
The cast and creator discuss the BBC Three hit drama in a behind the scenes special.

22:15–23:15 Episode 1
1/6. Mitchell struggles to resist his blood lust. Annie is confronted by a ghost from her past.

23:15–00:15 Episode 2
2/6. When George meets another werewolf called Tully it seems that he wants to stay forever.

00:15–02:10 Episode 3
3/6. Annie investigates why she’s trapped in limbo with the help of a miserable ghost.

Unearthed (same documentary as earlier)

More information can be found here :


Theatre of Terror

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Jose Casanovas Sr. (1934-2009)

by M.I.K.

I’ve just read the sad news that one of the artists who worked on Scream, has died. Jose Casanovas Sr died on Saturday 14th March at a hospital in Barcelona.

For more information, click the link below.


Theatre of Terror

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Collected Editions of Egmont-owned comics to be sold in WH Smiths

by M.I.K.

A Roy of The Rovers Collected Edition will go on sale from April 1st in branches of WH Smiths with a Buster, Battle and, (of more interest to us), Misty collection to follow later.

Roy Of The Rovers

More info here…


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