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World War Z

by Ghastly McNasty

A total must for any fan of the zombie genre this outstanding book by Max Brooks gives a unique perspective of the zombie outbreak and aftermath. Subtitled ‘An oral history of the zombie war’ the book consists of a series of interviews with survivors of the zombie apocalypse. It doesn’t have a standard storyline as such but the interviews follow a linear timeline streatched over 10 years that cover the origins and initial outbreaks through to the reclaiming of the world from the zombie hordes.

I’m still persevering with Kirkman’s ‘Walking Dead’ series but ‘World War Z’ manages to give me everything I hoped the meandering ‘Walking Dead’ comic would be, in one simple well written book.

This is also going to be made in to a movie to be released fairly soon and i can’t wait. Thoroughly expect this to be the best zombie movie ever made!

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Theatre of Terror

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Gothic Horror Is Back!

by M.I.K.

As demonstrated by these two trailers…

Dorian Gray…

The Wolfman…


Theatre of Terror

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