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Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht review

by Ghastly McNasty

vampire-vixens-coverI’d been following the development of this publication on their Facebook Page, having been left goggle-eyed by a selection of preview art that had been slowly and tantalisingly drizzled onto a certain comics forum of which I occasionally haunt the distant corners of. What caused the aforementioned spinning of eyeballs was Alex Ronald’s beautifully painted artwork and his ability to draw smoking hot vampire babes.

Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht begins in a pre-war 40’s England, with our hero, Chaplain Morris, receiving a briefing from the ledge that is Winston Churchill. The adventure then takes us to the heart of Germany where the Chaplain has teamed up with Libyenah, the gorgeous Vampire Vixen and star of the show. They must battle evil Nazi occult forces to protect Blighty from the supernatural terrors of the Third Reich.

“The only thing saving us from the unholy hurricane the Germans have unleashed is a man of God and a woman from Hell.”

vv-panels2From the off, it’s an absolute giggle-fest. The script is proudly packed full of sexual innuendo, planting its flag firmly in the ‘Carry on Commando’ camp, rather than D.C. Thompson Commando. I’d already splurted my tea across my desk three times in the first few pages when I came across a (possibly accurate) flashback scene, near the middle of the comic, which will have you howling in delight.

vixens-panelsThe creators, Alex Ronald and The Emperor, must have had a hoot writing the script. At times I could imagine them sniggering like school boys as they put pen to paper. The silliness of the story, in some places, does feel strange in contrast with the near flawless artwork. Not in a bad way. It’s like they’ve taken a Viz comic strip and given it to a classical painter. Strange but ultimately awesome.

Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht is being launched at Glasgow Comic Con on 13 and 14 July 2013 and will also be at Though Bubble in November. You can also purchase this wonderful book via UKOnDisplay and probably a load of other places.

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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