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Horror Comic Roundup – 7/9/13

by Decapitated Dan

Horror Comic Roundup Image drawn by Travis Wayne Pursell, colors by Decapitated Dan

Welcome to the Horror Comic Roundup! Join Decapitated Dan,  Billy Dunleavy and friends each week as they review new and old Horror Comics that you will either be dying to read or terrified to check out!

Abe Sapien #4 (Dark Horse)
Billy Dunleavy: It’s pretty safe to say that Abe Sapien is the most riveting member of the BPRD (Liz Sherman is a close second). Just on looks alone, you have to sympathize with the guy. His origin is crazy (read the Plague of Frogs Omnibus), he’s a good friend to Liz and Hellboy, he’s got great skills as an agent of the BPRD, and we can go on forever about him. In this issue, he shows us what it’s like to be him for a few days. Even amongst this carnage going on, he’s still almost attacked by a wolf, sort of befriended by some people, and attacked by another. He’s running his own investigation into these crazy beast sightings and eggs that have been laid by said creatures. Some people, even within the BPRD think he has something to do with it. A long time ago, he was implicated as being a linchpin to such events (prophesied by the Black Flame), and recently was shot by a psychic that also believes he has something to do with it. Mignola, Arcudi, and Fiumara have brought this character to new heights. Don’t be foolish and miss it.  Rating 5/5

Decapitated Dan: A part of me says “Dan, there is no way the Hellboy books have been this good, for so long.” While another part of me says “You IDIOT! Why have you not ALWAYS been reading these?” This issue was a part 1 of a new story arc, and I do think that helped, however it’s so DAMN SOLID that I am kicking myself for not getting invested sooner. The artwork in this issue by Fiumara is GORE-Geous, as my eyes quickly fell in love with his style. The story though, was what got me hook, line and sinker (get it, a fish reference). While I am to assume, keep in mind that this is the first Abe book I have read, that this takes place at the same time as BPRD, it’s not technically put out there, but I think I get it. I so enjoyed this, and I am so enjoying everything Hellboy’verse now. I will be back, because I want to see that damn egg hatch! – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Aliens Vs. Parker #3 (BOOM!)
Denise Dutton: I was all sortsa excited about this one when I saw the title. Alien vs. Predator? Sweet! But in fact, this is Aliens vs. Parker, and it’s about a guy who works as a space delivery man. He falls for a girl, grabs a spaceship in order to follow her, then gets stuck on a planet full of….yep. I wish I could say this is awesome, but the main characters – Parker and his buddy Modi – are so hyper that I’m rooting for the aliens. And the Marine that saves them is kind of a douche. The good news? This is a 4 part series. Pity AVP uses hyperactivity as humor; a little bit is good, but every page is overkill. At least Manuel Bracchi draws cute baby aliens. Bumped up a half star for the SpaceEx slogan “We know how to handle your package”. I’ll take that on a tshirt, please. (2.5 out of 5)

Bela Lugosi’s Tales from the Grave #3 (Monsterverse)
Decapitated Dan: Mummies! Yay a new mummy story, and it rocks my horror socks off! Of course that is the first thing I will point out about this issue, but it’s surely not the last. This fang-tastic anthology consists of 6 gruesome tales, that all had me crying for more. The first I have to mention is that Mummy story, and Park and Mayo had me all wrapped up in its goodness. Now while you might think that was my favorite of the bunch, the very first story by Leal and Poliwko was the winner here. I never saw that take on this one coming, and it was a great one. It makes me think of some many news ways that it could be approached, so good. To round it all out my third favorite was the story by Benton Jew. It takes that classic feel of an old EC horror comic, and gives it a fun new look. While the guys still gets it in the end, how it got there was fantastic. Overall this anthology is amazing, and it always has been. I just wish it could come out monthly, because I am always left needing more! – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Clive Barker’s Next Testament #2 (BOOM!)
Decapitated Dan: There is something I really like about this series, but also something I don’t, and that is making me stay on the fence for now. I really like this concept, and the way it is playing out is so beautiful. However, I really think it is too long winded on the dialogue. I was bored at times, but during others I was really entertained. I don’t know how well that really speaks to the comic though, because it’s only 24 pages. The artwork though is killer, and I mean that because one scene really had got my attention. I love the colors and how they shift on the “God” character to give him this “shiny” appearance. Overall I like what is going on here, but it needs to keep me in focus from start to finish, and so far it’s not. – Dying Breath 3.0 out of 5.0

Denise Dutton: Barker’s take on the Second Coming is a glorious look at what humanity believes God should be, and what a higher power probably is. Wick, the God that created us all (or at least says he did) is ready to get down to business. Haemi Jang’s art is beautiful as ever, but the rainbow letters of Steve Wands are the stand out here; if a lord of colors spoke, I’d bet that’s how it’d be. But Wick ain’t here for fun and games y’all. And the last panel ends with a bang. Bring forth issue #3! (4 out of 5)

Dexter #1 (Marvel)
Decapitated Dan: Hmmmm…. I am not too sure what to think about this one. Okay the easy way to start is to just say this, if you watch the TV show, forget EVERYTHING you know. This one appears to me like it will appeal more to the people who have read the books. Which makes sense because it was written by the creator Jeff Lindsay. This is why I had a hard time reading it, well that and the artwork. I think if this came out when the TV show started, my review would be different. but having watched 7 seasons of the show, and now things not falling into place where they should, it makes no sense. The concept of getting people who only watch the show, to switch to this and be happy about it, I really don’t think it there. So for now, I will just call this a bad attempt at some crossover coverage for the character. – Dying Breath 2.0 out of 5.0

Denise Dutton: I love Dexter. Well okay, I stopped watching last season, because it felt like it had jumped the shark. (Though I am open to revisiting that assessment.) Now Marvel is giving us a dose of everyone’s favorite do-gooder serial killer. Jeff Lindsay takes Dexter to his high school reunion and we get to meet Dexter’s former nemesis. Who doesn’t seem to have changed a bit. Pages 6 & 7 switch from Dexter’s usual first person narrative to third person, which is jarring (and something that an editor should have cleaned up), but this miniseries has a story that is looking like a fun non-premium-channel way to get your Dexter fix. (3.5 out of 5)

The Final Plague #1 (Action Lab)
Billy Dunleavy: WOW. This book was so amazing. Simplicity can sometimes be used to elevate something far beyond its competition. Sometimes writers get too hung up with trying to create some elaborate story that most people can’t follow or just simply get bored before there’s any payoff. This is not the case with Final Plague #1. In this story, an infestation of rats at a local farmhouse shows us the problem, but we even see that this plague is more than likely global, as New York City is affected as well. There were two scenes that made this entire book worth it. Both involved people being mauled by rabid, diseased rats. Words cannot describe how wild these panels were, but trust me, you will get the creeps and it will last long after you’ve read the book!!!  Rating 5/5

GFT: Werewolves The Hunger #2 (Zenescope)
Billy Dunleavy: The first issue was decent, and except for a lack of action, this issue was also pretty good. We get some action, but not nearly enough for a werewolf story that ends next issue. The part with the jogger getting mauled and then Roman coming to the scene was outstanding. Basically, a good looking young girl gets attacked and bitten but Roman scares him off. The girl then asks Roman…”help me”, and Roman asks her if she’s been bitten. She answers yes, and then again asks if he can help, to which he replies yes. He then raises his shotgun to her face, and KABLAM!!!! Nice shot of the barrel exploding that made it even better. The scientific aspect of the story is good too, but again,this ends in the next issue, so this is most certainly going to feel rushed when it ends. Too bad to, because it would have been better served as at least a four or five issue mini series.  Rating 4/5

Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #9 (Avatar)
Decapitated Dan: Well folks, this looks like it could be the end for our little group of survivors if these scientists have anything to say about it, however I think David Hine has a trick or two up his sleeve to make sure that I am thrown for a loop in the coming issues. Right off the bat, this issue is balls to the wall with action, and I loved the opening scene. It’s a shame to lose a helicopter, but it was funny how it happened and everything else that came after. Then the issue slowed down a little, but it was all necessary build for what it to come next. The artwork is fantastic, and helps deliver that final blow to your brain that leaves you knowing how good of a comic this is. Another great issue, from this amazing series. – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Phantom Stranger #10 (Trinity of Sin)(DC)
Billy Dunleavy: I’m not an avid DC reader, but their “Dark” line up has me keeping up with certain titles, for sure! One of them is Phantom Stranger. The Stranger has been whisked away to what seems like Heaven, but while there, he’ll find out the meaning of more than just what paradise looks like. He’ll have to choose only one member of his most recent “family”, that can return with him to the land of the living, while the others stay dead (killed by the Sin Eater). J. M. Dematteis has an outstanding way of telling a story within this genre. He knows just how to represent each character strongly without anyone really stealing the show. Combine that with fantastic artwork by Fernando Blanco & Brad Anderson, and you’ve got a solid book!  Rating 4/5

Screwed #2 (Zenoscope)
Denise Dutton: I love the character of Special Agent Erin Scott. A gal that survived a serial killer’s advances and refuses to let that weaken her. Then there’s Anne, a woman with tons of scars and no memory; a woman who sees monsters everywhere. This is getting better and better, with gorgeous colors by Oracle that bring the incredible detail of David Miller’s pencils to life. Screwed is only a 6 part series, and I’m already hoping for more. (4.5 out of 5)

Ten Grand #3 (Image)
Decapitated Dan: I don’t know how comics can get any better than this. One the one side of the coin you have JMS, a writer who I have loved for years (his comic work). Then on the other side you have the artwork of the extremely talented Ben Templesmith. Now on their own, they are amazing, but when their powers combine, you get Ten Grand. This is easily a front runner for my best new series of 2013, with another book that I am reviewing this week! The story keep trucking right along, and it just keeps getting better and better. I love everything that is happening in this book, and the visuals by Templesmith only add to how great it is. I know, I know, it’s just turning into gush city around here, so I will bring it all to a close by saying, this is a book you need  in your life, it will just make okay. – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Trinity of Sin: Pandora  #1 (DC)
Billy Dunleavy: A story that begins 10,000 years ago, showing a village of prehistoric peoples sets the stage for this time-spanning tale of adventure! A young girl on her way through the forest is surprised to see a flashing light under a bush. She finds a skull, but not a human skull, but one from a robot or cyborg. It’s eyes flash red, and so does the red third eye on its forehead. As that happens, a third eye seemingly opens up on the girls forehead as well, and she fall to the ground, passing out. When she awakens and returns to her village, she sees a scene of horror. The seven deadly sins have manifested into terrible beasts, and have laid waste to the village and are feasting on the people.  Before she can do anything, she, along with two others (whom I do not know), are in front of a pantheon of gods (from Captain Marvel/Shazam?), and are punished for their “crimes”. The tale continues as Pandora now must try to rid the Earth of these creatures, or die trying. Other than not understanding the robot skull and pantheon of gods parts, this book was pretty solid. Anyone with good DC knowledge will obviously know more about it, and definitely have a good time reading this book. Hopefully the rest of the event will be this good.  Rating 4/5

Über #3 (Avatar)
Decapitated Dan: This series will not stop kicking ass. Seriously this is like that scene in Old Boy where he just beats everyone in the hallway, it’s that damn good. I love how things are coming together, and yeah this is a slow down issue, while the sides figure out how to give themselves an advantage in the war, but man is it a good read. And just in case you didn’t think you would get your Overmen moment, it’s there right in front of your melting eyes as Hitler gives the order to kill one of his own. It’s funny because as I read this, I root for the Über soldiers, I root for the English and I root for anyone who will make Adolf’s brain explode, which you know has to be coming… right? No way around it, this book is an amazing read, that I can not wait to get my hands on each month. – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Venom #37 (Marvel)
Decapitated Dan: Alright, settle down, no this isn’t back to being a horror book just yet, but it ends with 1 of the key elements to make it one. I am actually happy to be reading this book again. I thought for a while their that it just got all screwy and was starting to just go off the rails, but now it seems to be back on track. The big highlight for this issue was the art of Kim Jacinto. It was beautiful from page to page, but again, it all came together at the end, when the real star of this book showed up, Jack O’Lantern! So I had to review it people, I had to. A great issue, that I can only hope returns to what it once was in my eyes. Now lets kill off Venom and rename this book! – Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0

by Decapitated Dan

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