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Horror Comic Roundup – 5/21/13

by Decapitated Dan

Horror Comic Roundup Image drawn by Travis Wayne Pursell, colors by Decapitated Dan


Welcome to the Horror Comic Roundup! Join Decapitated Dan,  Billy Dunleavy and friends each week as they review new and old Horror Comics that you will either be dying to read or terrified to check out!


B.P.R.D. #107 (Dark Horse)

Billy Dunleavy:  If you haven’t been reading BPRD since forever, not only are you missing out on great stories, but you’re also missing out on all sorts of monstrosities killing, attacking, eating everything in their path, Godzilla type action. This issue was no different. It brought everything that’s good about a horror comic. Action, blood, story, intrigue, and a cast of characters that are strong, although unnamed except for Johann (and maybe one other agent), are the reasons to get out and grab this title (and the trades from years past)!  Rating 5/5


Decapitated Dan: I’ve never been a big fan of the Hellboy’verse because I was so late to the party, and everything was always done in mini’s (which turned out to just be arcs). Anyways that is all nonsense now because this issue was awesome. While the only cast I really know are those I recognize from the movies, it didn’t seem to really matter with this issue. Brilliant visuals by Campbell make this one eye pleasing issue, but it really is driven by the story. Safe enough to jump in on, trust me I know, and more then enough to have you hooked. It really reminded me of The Fog (the newer version) because of it’s depressing, see nothing good coming tone. Overall great issue and who knows, this might be what it takes to finally get me on the B.P.R.D. train… CHOO CHOO!!!!!! – Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0


Constantine #3 (DC)

Decapitated Dan: This sucks, not the book, but the overall situation. I bet you I would really be enjoying this book if it starred someone other character or maybe even a new character. The writing is good, the art is agh-mazing, but it’s John Constantine, the man, the myth, the mother f*=\ing leader of DC Horror, and this just doesn’t feel right. ::Decap steps aside:: Okay let’s try really hard to look at this through new eyes. What this issue and series have done so far is make Constantine accessible, however it’s so heavy on DC magic, that it can be daunting. It’s even harder to write a review when you know in your cold dead heart how the character should be. Look it’s not horrible, but it’s not for me. I love Hellblazer, and I just can’t get past that bias on this one. I see what’s great about this book, but imagine your best friend for 30 years was taken away, and you were given his clone… wait, is this what Spider-man fans felt when Ben Reily was around? – Dying Breath 3.0 out of 5.0


Denise Dutton: John is back in London, and it’s a blast watching how he reacts to re-entry.  But he’s got stuff to find and scores to settle, and he does it in his usual indomitable way.  I worried that the “New 52” rebranding would take the edge off of this character, but so far it looks like I needn’t have worried.  This is fast becoming my favorite new series.  Just do me a favor, DC; jettison the silly “Channel 52” segments that have been tacked onto each issue.  They’re out of place with this particular series, especially since many horror fans don’t follow superheroes.


Doomsday.1 #1 (IDW)

Billy Dunleavy: OK, when something is solicited with John Byrne writing and on art, you might as well check it out. This book was pretty good even though a very slow read. A bunch of astronauts are at a space station, and a solar flare destroys most of the life on Earth while they’re there. They touch ground after a rocky landing, and well, that’s about it. Solid artwork, but a very slow burn on this one. There was some interesting dialogue between a priest (or the Pope?) and some other clerics, and maybe that will pan out and get the story going in a more exciting direction next issue.  Rating 2/5


The Dream Merchant #1 (Image)

Billy Dunleavy: The creative team on this book (writer Nathan Edmondson, artist Konstantin Novosadov) is unfamiliar to me, but they definitely know how to craft a good mystery story. In this issue, we see a young man who has problems with his sleeping habits. So much so that he gets committed to a mental institution. While there, a doctor hypnotizes him and instead of his usual recurring dream, it changes. He’s approached by a robed figure this time, and the story just gets crazier after that. Good use of dreams and there mysterious nature in this book.  Rating 3.5/5


The Eighth Seal #2 (Thrillbent/Comixology)  

Billy Dunleavy: The second installment of this digital series (the first was incredible) brought us even more of the First Lady’s insane mind that seems to be overworked…or is it? A scene in a bathroom that showed her looking into a mirror and seeing a demonic type creature instead of her reflection was quite disturbing. She seems to be losing control of her mind, but that might be the least of her worries. Her husband, the President of the United States, is unaware that she’s having these issues, but it looks like he’ll be made aware, very soon.  Rating 4/5


The Fall of the House of Usher #1 (Dark Horse)

Billy Dunleavy: Big Poe fan, not a big Corben fan (artwork). This story and adaptation however is great! Corben actually combined this Poe story with another (certain aspects of “The Oval Portrait” were used here) and what an eccentric creation it is. You get a morbid man, a creepy looking house, and a girl scared to death of her circumstances. Oh, and a very ominous looking butler as well! Throw all of this together, plus coffins with corpses, and a death in the last pages, and you get a solid book!  Rating 3/5


Decapitated Dan: I’ve always been a big Corben fan, but also never a big Poe fan, so before reading this I didn’t know how I was going to feel at the end. As expected the visuals are just to die for. Corben is in that elite class or creators and it shows here, it’s no wonder he is a Ghastly Award Winner. The story, which I vaguely recall from high school, is actually a lot of horror fun. There is this really creepy tone to it, and the visuals certainly lend a hand in that. Overall what I walk away with is that this was an awesome issue. Will it make me go read more Poe, no, but it will make me read all the Poe stories that Corben wants to adapt. – Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0


Fearless Dawn: The Secret of the Swamp (Asylum Press)

Decapitated Dan: Oooohhh Baby I love me some Fearless Dawn! Is it sad that I just realized how much Mannion’s style reminds me of Powell’s ‘the Goon’? By that I mean that the art is kinda similar, and it has this great classic throwback feel to the story telling. So with this single issue, the reader is treated to a great 12 page story, and then some fang-tactic back up material. I love Mannion’s artwork & humor and how it translates to comic pages. Even though the main story was short, the short stories were amazing. This book was a serious steal for the price, and if u missed it, you really missed out. Just do yourself a favor and go buy this book now, agh-mazing all around… LOVE IT!!! – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0


Fubar: FCBD (Fubar Press)

Decapitated Dan: The greatest thing about the Fubar series is that it doesn’t just focus on zombies and one specific war. This issue does a fantastic job of spreading the undead love over various conflicts, and best of all it was free for everyone to pick up! The artwork on all of the stories was solid as hell, with ‘Jack of Spades’ leading the way. Like I already mentioned the stories cover 5 different wars, and the biggest shocker was the Cold War story ‘The Buzzard’. Topping my favorite on the story list though was ‘Valley Forge’. Overall this was a steal for a free comic, and it was packed full of great stories. If you missed it, find a copy, because anything with the Fubar title should be sitting in your collection. – Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0


Grave Tales #7 (Cemetery Dance Productions)

Decapitated Dan: I’m shocked dear readers, shocked to have issue #7 in my bloody hands to read, because I was afraid this book had been sent to the comic book afterlife. This issue does not skip a beat from where there Agh-mazing anthology had left off. The first story by Joe Hill was fantastic (it is based on a story by Peter Crowther). It had the perfect amount of setup and delivered so perfectly at the end. However Hill was not the big star of this short story, it was artist Jake Allen who stole the show. Plain and simple his artwork was GORE-Geous, and I plead that if you have not seen his work before you seek some out. The second story was a terrific Werewolf tale by Ed Gorman and William Renfro. ‘The Jungle’ had so much story to deliver, that it felt like I was reading a 36 page book. With the ending this team delivered I can only hope that there is more to come. This anthology is a real treat to comic fans. In a way it feels more like it belongs next to anthology titles like Gore Shriek and Twisted Tales because of how well done it is. Do yourself a big favor and find a copy of this book today! – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0


Grimm Fairy Tales: Unleashed #1 (Zenescope)

Denise Dutton: Sela and Liesel Van Helsing don the usual bimbo suits to fight a whole mess of baddies that have escaped from the banishment back in #0.  Gorgeous art and colors take some of the sting out of seeing so many unnecessary upskirt shots.  Bonus points for a Stephen King reference and a surprise battle pal, but it doesn’t save a wobbly, bloated start to this miniseries.  With Unleashed a jumping-off point for a blow-out expansion of the Grimm universe, here’s hoping #2 has less talky-talk about Old Magic and more monsters.


 Helheim #3 (Oni Press) 

Decapitated Dan: Okay now we are getting somewhere. All of that stuff that was really missing from the first 2 issues, shows up here in #3, and it makes everything that has come before so much better. As a matter of fact, after reading this issue, I went back and reread #1 and #2, and the experience was top notch. I really love this concept, and love how it is coming to life. Basically you have 2 witches fighting it out and not caring what gets in their way. In terms of the artwork, there are some GORE-Geous battle scenes here that were pulling at my horror filled heart. While this does seem to be more on the Adventure Horror side, it’s still has some great monster moments. All I know is that from here on out this book is going to be at the top of my reading pile, great stuff! – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0 


Insane Tales from the Dead #1 (Caustic Comics)

Decapitated Dan: Welcome to the dark underground not often seen side of Horror Comics. This a an amazing collection of Terrifying and Macabre tales that will easily leave the reader with nightmares for years to come. The creative teams behind these stories deserve some applause because they take the typical presentation of a horror comic and throw it through a blender, while still making it highly enjoyable. I think out of this entire collection I enjoyed the story ‘Fly Trap’ the best. I thought that Randazzo delivered his best art on story telling on this story. The art of Todarello and Schumacher were great too, and as a whole this book shows what can be accomplished visually when everyone is on the same page. So what you have here is a mix of gore and terror that is sure to leave you wanting more. The Underground Horror Comic scene is still alive and kicking, and this book is proof of that. So do you have the guts to dive in? – Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0


Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #8 (Avatar)

Decapitated Dan: Now this is what I really, really, really like about zombie books, STORY! Hine is crafting something here that is a ton of fun to read, and it makes me really think about what I would do in this particular situation. Of course we have to wonder how out protagonists are going to get out of this mess, but that just adds to the great suspense Hine is building here. The book is also full of some GORE-Geous visuals by Chaparro, emphasis as always on the Gore part of that. I really liked the scenes where things were being tested out. Overall I really like this series, and any zombie lover should be checking it out too, great stuff! – Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0



Unstitched: Abstract Visions in Bloodstains (Purple Pudding Comics)

Decapitated Dan: I’m sorry to everyone who has not seen the work of Lee Davis before, because it is GORE-Geous. The artwork has a serious life of its own, and can stand out from anything horror you have ever seen. Look at that cover, look at that monster on the second to last page, ugh! The only things that will even come close are Vasquez and Dirge work from old school Slave Labor comics. Now all that aside we have to take a look at Davis’ writing, and I will admit it is a little rough, but it’s still solid overall. While I do think he could use another demon on his shoulder in terms of how it reads, it’s still really good and beyond creepy. No other way to sum it all up then, Davis’ work is something you should look for and read on a regular basis. I personally have felt life complete since I have seen his work, and I only think it will grow from here. – Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0


The Walking Dead #110 (Image)

Denise Dutton: Yeah, I almost gave up on TWD at issue #100 too.  It broke my ragged little heart.  But I trusted that Kirkman had a vision for what was next, and so far the Negan storyline is feeling like The Governor Part Deux.  But I’m liking new character Ezekiel, and hello…TIGER!  Plus, it looks like Michonne may have a new reason to live?  A zombie-free issue, which is a bummer; all the strange machinations here3 seem forced, as if to draw out what will be coming because the writers themselves have no idea.  But hey, lookit the tiger!  Let’s hope #111 gets the crew back on track.


Westwood Witches #1 (Amigo Comics)

Decapitated Dan: So before I started reading this I said to myself, “witches huh?” After reading this I am now saying, “witches, hell yeah!” I really had no idea of what to expect from this story, other then I’m not super into witch stories, this issue made me rethink that. The story starts off kinda blah, but then you find out why, because the main character is writing a book, and even he makes fun of it. From there the story really takes off. I found myself being sucked into this world and I did not want to leave. The artwork is good, it has a great mood for the story , and that big ass demon is so great looking. Overall I loved this book, and with that ending, it’s setting up a big mystery to be unraveled. I am highly recommending this issue and I can only hope the rest of the story plays out this well. – Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0


by Decapitated Dan

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