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Shakespeare v. Lovecraft

by Ghastly McNasty

Literary metafiction mashups are all the rage these days, and it was inevitable that sooner or later someone would bring together two of the most famous literary giants, Shakespeare and Lovecraft. BD turns the indie spotlight on D.R. O’Brien who is adapting his own “Shakespeare Vs. Lovecraft” novella into graphic novel form for a bizarre tale of wit and eldritch terror. The story follows Prospero, who discovers the coveted Necronomicon, giving rise to Cthulhu and his pals. It’s up to Shakespeare’s greatest heroes to save the world from oblivion in what can only be an outlandish horror comedy.

Prospero, driven dangerously insane by prolonged exposure to the dread Necronomicon, makes a terrible pact with the titanic alien beast known only as Cthulhu. Now only his enchantress daughter Miranda and a handful of history’s greatest heroes are all that stand between humanity and blasphemous eternal subjugation. It’s a bloodbath of Shakespearean proportions as Cthulhu and his eldritch companions come at our protagonists from all manner of strange geometric angles in a hideous and savage battle for supremacy.

Check out the trailer below.

We’ve got a preview of the graphic novel adaptation too with some great art by Curt Sibling.

You can purchase the Kindle version of the Shakespeare v Lovecraft novella via Amazon

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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