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Dark Horse Adventures into the Unknown

by Ghastly McNasty

Publishing house Dark Horse are set to release a selection of pre-code golden oldies updated with accurate color restoration, uncoated off-white paper, and an impressive roster of foreword writers.

Amongst this selection stands the amazing Adventures into the Unknown. The title was released in the fall of 1948 by B&I Publishing (later known as American Comics Group) and enjoyed a run of 174 issues for nearly two decades, ceasing publication in August 1967. Though not the first horror comic published (one-shot Eerie Comics of January 1947 holds the distinction), Adventures Into the Unknown was the first horror comic to enjoy regularly scheduled publication.

The comic will feature a series of essays by Bruce Jones, focusing on the long-running horror anthology and the climate that led to the Comics Code Authority. Adventures into the Unknown managed to dodge the mass cull of the 1954 Comics Code Authority due to a focus on ghost stories and spooky goings on rather than rampant canabilism and sexy ladies.

The pre-Code delights found in this anthology include exciting tales such as “The Living Ghost,” “Kill, Puppets, Kill,” “The Affair of Room 1313,” and the ongoing “True Ghosts of History” feature—and contributions from Golden Age greats Fred Guardineer, Al Feldstein, Leonard Starr, Edvard Moritz, and others!

Check out the preview…

Also available in this range: Silver Streak, Crime Does Not Pay, and Forbidden Worlds.

The comics found in these collections are incredibly hard to find, expensive, and full of freewheeling, pre-Code fun (and sometimes viscera). It’s a joy to be able to handle these comics and work on these collections—but a bigger joy comes from being able to bring these stories to new readers and to finally assign credits to some creators who have been uncredited for decades!

said Dark Horse editor Philip Simon.

The comics in these anthologies are seen as revered and influential—but they’ve been impossible to find. Now Dark Horse is making these gems available in affordable collections for discussion, dissection, and inspiration!

Adventures into the Unknown Archives Volume 1 is on sale May 30, 2012.

Silver Streak Archives Featuring the Original Daredevil Volume 1 is on sale June 27, 2012.

Crime Does Not Pay Archives Volume 2 is on sale July 11, 2012.

Forbidden Worlds Archives Volume 1 is on sale December 12, 2012.

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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