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Alan Moore’s ‘Neonomicon’ Pulled From Library

by Ghastly McNasty

Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’s Neonomicon has been withdrawn from a public library in the US following a complaint over its sexual content.

Some dippy bitch didn’t realise quite what they were getting themselves in for when they selected a comic from Greenville County Library in South Carolina, despite the fact that the GN was in the adults section.

The library pulled two copies of the anthology from its shelves after Carrie Gaske filed an official challenge against it. Check out the full news story below.

It doesn’t take much to get 14 year old Jennifer Gaske hooked on a new book. “Just as long as it has somethign good in it,” says the rising 8th grader. Gaske and her mother, Carrie, frequently go to the Anderson Road branch of the Greenville County library system to check out books. Recently, the teen found the book, “Neonomicon”, in the library’s adult section and thought it would be a real page turner. Kids above the age of 13 can check out books in the adult section, if they have their parents’ permission. “It looked like a murder mystery comic book to me,” recalls Carrie Gaske. “It looked like a child’s book. I flipped through it, and thought it was ok for her to check out.”

After a few chapters, though, Gaske got a shock. “It was good at first,” says Jennifer. “Then it got nasty.” Her mother says, “She came into my living room and asked me what a certain word meant and I said honey where did you hear that word? I said that’s a nasty word we don’t use that in the house.”

Inside the book, Gaske found graphic sexual content and pictures of nude men and women engaging in sexual activity. Seven on Your Side cannot show much of that content because it is so explicit. “The more into I got the more shocked I was, I really had no idea this type of material was allowed at a public library,” says Carrie Gaske. “I feel that has the same content of Hustler or Playboy or things like that,” she says. “Maybe even worse.”

The library system’s executive director, Beverly James, says although the book was placed in the library’s adult section, teens with a “juvenile adult” library card are allowed to check out books in that section. Gaske still believes such books should have a warning label for parents as well. “I really think if they’re going to carry this type of material there needs to be a rating on it,” Gaske says. “There’s ratings on movies, music, video games. My daughter cannot go to the video game store and get a mature video game without me there.”

James says the library system has never used a rating system, and it’s up to each parent to read between the lines, and decide what’s appropriate for their child. Gaske has filed an official challenge to the book. For now, the system’s two copies in circulation have been pulled from the shelves while a committee reviews the content. “I’m definitely going to have to review every book they read more from now on,” says Gaske.

Original story here…

Also of note, back in 2010 this same graphic novel was banned from Secret Headquarters comic store in Florida, due to “the pornographic content”. I don’t know about you but this just makes me want to read it even more.

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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