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Underneath #2 – Review

by Decapitated Dan

Issue: Underneath #2
Writer: Tom Stillwell
Artist: Jim Terry
Publisher: Spinner Rack Comics
Release Date: 2012
Pages: 28
Price: $2.99

“Terry goes all in for troll hunting as Joe & Co. search a monster-infested warehouse for a missing child from Lower Chicago. Meet Irv the troll stoolie! Plus we learn the secret history behind the Great Chicago Fire...”

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
WOOO, issue #2! Underneath is back and it has a fistful of awesome that it wants to introduce to your face! Following right where issue #1 left off, we are shown what caused the Great Chicago Fire. Damn you (I ain’t spoiling this people)! The artwork in this issue is fantastic. Terry has a great feel for this cast and he it with consistency on every panel throughout. He has a great vision for being able to make my eyes laugh, while still telling a great visual story. Stillwell knew what Terry was capable of, so even he brought his A game as well. The story is paced really well. What I expect with a #2 is to get more build on the gripping events of the first issue, and I got that here. Think of the story in this issue as the base of a building, it has to be solid to support what comes next, and there is only one way to go from here, UP! Jim and Tom are killing this book. I love what is happening so far. I love the universe that is being created, and hope it can be further developed as well. Underneath is a solid read and a steal at the price. Check this on out.

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5Story: 4.5 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about Underneath you can find it at http://spinnerrackcomics.com/

by Decapitated Dan

Theatre of Terror

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