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The Governator

by Ghastly McNasty

The GovernatorAn interesting story surfaced on the 1st April regarding a new animated series ‘loosely’ based on the life of screen legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was regarded as an amusing April Fools gag but the hype machine just kept on rolling with even Arnie himself later announcing ‘The Governator’ will spawn, comic books, merchandise and eventually even a 3D film.

Points of interest – The Governator operates from a hi-tech bunker called the “Arnold Cave” under his home in Los Angeles and his enemies are a dastardly group of super-villains from an organisation called Gangsters, Imposters, Racketeers, Liars & Irredeemable Ex-cons aka The G.I.R.L.I.E Men!

The project is a collaboration between Schwarzenegger, branded entertainment firm A Squared Entertainment, comic books publisher Archie Comics and POW! Entertainment – the company headed by former Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee.

I gotta admit, although it’s a bit of a cheese fest, the trailer looks pretty damn cool!

Arnold starred in some amazing movies back in the day – Predator, Terminator, Running Man etc. These were quite simply amazing films and Arnie has long been held in high regard by pretty much everyone on the planet. His move to cash in on his fame and muscle in to politics was a load of crap and when he left his position as Governor of California earlier this year he was generally regarded by the residents of California as a twat. This new cartoon seems a fairly shrewd move for Arnie as a lot of stupid people have trouble defining the lines between reality and media slush. Even though it’s only a cartoon I can see many people actually believing this is in some way a semi-biographical representation of Schwarzenegger, who does actually fight crime.

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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