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Hallowscream 2011

by Ghastly McNasty

Here you are then ghosts and ghoulies, for your viewing pleasure, Back from the Depths is proud to present the 2011 edition of everyones favourite horror anthology Hallowscream. Just click on the creepy cover below, sit back and delve in to the darker side of comics. This is the perfect treat for a horrific Halloween.

At 112 pages it’s a bit of a monster, weighing in at just over 53MB, so may take a short while to download.

Hallowscream 2011

Don’t forget there is still a chance to get hold a printed version of the comic by pledging money to the Hallowscream IndieGoGo Appeal. There’s only a few hours left to show your appreciation so click on the link above, watch the appeal video, and give generously to this worthy cause.

Full contents are as follows…

  • Page 3 : Passenger Story by Chris Sides, Art by Chris Travell
  • Page 9 : Storage Story by Lizzie Boyle, Art by Louis Carter
  • Page 14 : Pirates Story by Tim West, Art by Nathaniel Allen
  • Page 19 : Man-Eater Story by Alec Robertson, Art by Christopher Geary
  • Page 25 : Charles Wynford Lodge Movie Posters by Julian Jones
  • Page 26 : Deep Ship by Gordon Innes
  • Page 31 : Terrorvision Guide by Malcolm Kirk
  • Page 32 : Deccappucino Story by Jeff Edmond, Art & Adaptation by Vin Davis
  • Page 39 : Vampire Vixens of The Wehrmacht Pin-up by Alex Ronald
  • Page 40 : The Wandering Man Story by David Hailwood, Art by Chow
  • Page 45 : Spatial Bewareness by Gordon Innes
  • Page 49 : The Offering by Emilio Martinez
  • Page 55 : Old Georgie Jigsaw Story by Jeff Edmond, Art & Adaptation by Vin Davis
  • Page 61 : Charles Wynford Lodge Movie Posters by Julian Jones
  • Page 62 : Donation Story by Richard Worth, Art by Christian Berg
  • Page 65 : Mag, Scientist (Dinnertime of The Dead) by Malcolm Kirk
  • Page 66 : Wonderful World of Serendipity Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Tony Rothwell, Lettering by Jim Campbell
  • Page 72 : A Wolf At The Door Story by Kenneth Thurtell, Art by Harry Shotton, Lettering by HdE
  • Page 77 : Dead Time Story Story by Scott Hartman, Art by El Chivo,
    Lettering by David Withers
  • Page 80 : Speed Date 2 : Cruz Control Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Bhuna, Lettering by Chaingun Chimp
  • Page 86 : Ubek Naren-Ka Story by Matthew McLaughlin, Art by Ghostpockets,
    Lettering by Bolt-01
  • Page 91 : Monster Story by Erick Lipkowski, Adaptation by Tim West,
    Art by Carol Kewley
  • Page 97: Death Pitch Story by Jose Cruz, Art by Annie Cox
  • Page 103 : Teddy Bear’s Picnic Story by Tim West, Art by Glen Ostrander
  • Page 105 : How Can You Like That Horror Stuff? by Huw Evans
  • Page 111 : Deadvertisements by Malcolm Kirk
  • …and… Page 112 : Back Cover Skull by Malcolm Kirk

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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