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Horror Graffiti by Nychos

by Ghastly McNasty

Nychos Horror GraffitiAnother horror art post my little fleshlings. I’ve always been considered extremely ‘street’ down here in the depths. It’s true! I’ve been rocking the hoody look since before time began.

Today we focus on the work of the Austrian graffiti artist and illustrator Nychos who has been described as…

“Twisted at birth, brainwashed throughout his childhood, poisoned by the media and fostered by the dark side, Nychos, the evil genius has been genetically modifying an army of lime green mutated tentacles, maggots, monsters and femme fatales to take over the world.”

As you can see from a selection of his work below this street artist has a really distinct style within the grafitti genre. Nychos also clearly has an excellent understanding of horror and is able to put that across in his work.

You can find examples of his work scattered across the urban landscapes of major European cities. For those mortals too lazy to find them yourselves visit www.rabbiteyemovement.at

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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