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Cereal Killer Trading Cards

by Ghastly McNasty

Cereal Killer LogoCereal Killer Trading Cards from Wax Eye are an instant throwback to the 80’s when collecting Garbage Pail Kids trading cards were all the rage. I remember being delighted when I could afford to purchase a new pack to see what horrors I would get. Some of the pictures were so grotesque that I’m surprised parents didn’t burn down the newsagents that sold them.

Artist Joe Simko has lovingly created these fantastic images which will delight horror fans. Joe also works on the modern series of Garbage Pail Kids so he has a full pedigree when it comes to designing trading cards.

Other catchy names include Village of the Grahamed, The Weatful Dead, Shredded Feet, Fiber the 13th and many more…

You can purchase these great cards from the Wax Eye site and they’ve proved so popular in the States that you can even find them in Toys’R’Us. The 3-Pack Mini Cereal Box Set contains:

  • 20 cards per cereal box, 60 total cards per 3-Pack
  • 1 eyeball gum per cereal box
  • 1 random premium gift per cereal box

Cereal Killer Box Art

You can see more of artist Joe Simko’s amazing skills at

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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