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Babes,Bullets and Blades

by Ghastly McNasty

David Gordon of My Excess Publishing and Underground Overkill is putting together an exciting project titled ‘Babes,Bullets and Blades’. Check out his mission statement below:

With the response to our last little project (Underground Overkill) a massive success, here’s a new one. We’re looking to do a book of pin up art, entitled Babes,Bullets and Blades, there’s no restriction on content other than the fact there has to be a babe at the core of each page. No strip work just pin ups.

This is a promo piece, each artist featured gets a wee bio listed at the back of the book with everyone else. No cover artist as yet, that’ll be decided at a later date, asuming of course enough of you come forward, I’m looking to move on this soon, in time for the mart in April, so a closing date of March 6th should be ample time.

Already confirmed are:
Dave Alexander – Macbam Brothers/Viz
Curt Sibling – Total Fear/Nexion
Adam Gomm – Nexion
Stephen McShane – Nexion
Dave Gordon – Myexcess/Nexion
Andy Lee – Nexion

Helen Taylor


Neil Bruce -Nexion
and many more.

The book itself will be A4 150+ pages BW/ Grayscale interiors, available through Lulu and Amazon. Unfortunately as I’m funding this, there is no money involved but your work will be seen by a great many people and be available through Waterstones as well. Copies of the book will be available to everyone involved at cost. So, if anyone is interested or has suggestions email me at newdoll18@hotmail.com.

Sounds damn cool and exactly the sort of topic that interests me. Contact Dave to get involved.

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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