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Misty Souvenir Special

by M.I.K.

Misty was a girls comic, the first issue of which went on sale in 1978. It was slightly unusual however, as it was also a horror comic, and rather a creepy one at that. It was published by IPC, so it could, (and probably should), be considered Scream‘s gothy big sister and it was every bit as good as that description might suggest…

…and now it’s back.


The Misty Souvenir Special is now available from branches of WH Smiths newsagents in the UK. It costs £3.99 and if you take my advice, you’ll go to your nearest branch as soon as possible and purchase a copy. If for some reason you can’t, then don’t worry, because Egmont will be making it available to buy direct from their website at a later date.

Not only does the special have an excellent selection of strips, but unlike previous issues of Egmont’s “Classic Comics”, the stories featured aren’t part of longer serials. They’re all one-offs, which means you’re not left wondering what happens next.

Trust me, once you’ve read this you’ll be left wanting more and wondering why somebody doesn’t bring it back properly.

Well, actually….

Watch this space for news of a fan produced, (but completely legit and official), all new Misty special coming to you in the next few weeks! Yep.

Misty official website

Egmont Comic Archive

by M.I.K.

Theatre of Terror

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  • Haitam, December 4, 2015:

    My daughter had to draw a ptucire of each character in her book for a book report project. I had just downloaded these faces for fun, so she used them as a starting point. Wow, did it make it easier for her. The faces all came out great.Perfect timing!

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