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Left 4 Dead

by Ghastly McNasty

I bought this game a few months ago and although I no longer play it as much as I did, it is certainly worth a mention on this site. I’ll try not to gush about it too much as I can do about things that get me excited.

Left 4 Dead is a survival horror first person shooter game available for the Xbox360 or the PC. Made by Valve, the people behind Half Life 2, this very simple game is quite possibly the best horror game ever made. If you own a PC or Xbox then I recommend that you go out now and buy it.

It is like sombody reached in to my head and made my ideal Zombie holocaust game.

The game begins with a 5 minute intro movie that will scare your pants clean off and will have your blood pumping from the adrenaline rush. From then on the game involves sneaking round buildings and streets trying not to awake any zombie hordes. Obviously is you never met any zombies the game would be poor, so when you do accidently set of a car alarm and the zombies attack, the game becomes a frenzy of blasting as many zombs as possible as they pour out of holes in the ceilings or burst through doors in their hundreds. Not only is this completely terrifying, but it’s also an absolute hoot!

The zombies are a slow moving Romero type bunch, until startled, when they suddenly become enraged and come out you 28 Days Later style. Brilliant! There are also specialist zombies which are harder to kill and this adds a bit of variation to the game.

The graphics aren’t amazing but do the trick. The key to this game lies in the addictive gameplay and the online 4 player story modes. It really is a game that needs to be played with other humans to get the full benefit.

Back from the Depths Rating:
Thoroughly entertaining this game is a must for any fan of the Zombie genre. 10/10

If you still need persuading to buy this wonderful game then just check the intro movie below.

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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