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Witch Doctor

by Ghastly McNasty

Being a medical horror comic by Mssrs. Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner

Witch Doctor

If your looking for an example of excellent artwork and a ripping good yarn then it’s surely worth your time delving in to the world of Witch Doctor.

About Witch Doctor

Vincent Morrow’s fall from grace in the medical world was swift, total, and his own damn fault.

He would’ve ended things that same night if he hadn’t been headhunted into an exciting new career — in the black arts. Then there was the matter of pulling a certain sword out of a certain stone and being declared earth’s destined protector, but he’d rather you didn’t mention that. The obedient path of mystical tradition isn’t the one for Morrow. The Holy Grail made a great sink — it just needed a hole for the plumbing and a rubber stopper in the bottom — and earth’s vampires, zombies and other superfauna are just patients to him, victims of unknown illnesses waiting to be treated.

It’s a sick world. And Dr. Morrow serves it with both hands — one in magic, one in medicine — as earth’s Sorcerer General. Earth’s Witch Doctor.

Witch Doctor has some really great characters that strengthen the storyline. The lead character has an intriguing personality and if you venture on to the Witch Doctor site and read the preview story ‘First Incision’ you will definately leave wanting to know more about the mysterious and intelligent Vincent Morrow.

Witch Doctor

It seems from their blog they have just lined up a fresh story so scoot on over and get a taste of this great indy comic. You can find out more about this awesome comic and read the first story at the Witch Doctor website

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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