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Dead Set (air date and trailer).

by M.I.K.

Charlie Brooker’s Big Brother based zombie drama, Dead Set, starts 27th October on the UK’s E4 channel at 10pm.

There’s lots more information and stuff to look at on the websites below…



Dead Set MySpace page : http://uk.myspace.com/e4deadset

by M.I.K.

Theatre of Terror

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  • DonkeySpank, October 20, 2008:

    I’ve said it before, but this will be either extremely good or very, very bad. From the lastest photos on the official site (esp. of Davina in zombie-form) it looks amazing. Fingers crossed, this could be a fantastic show!!!

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  • Ghastly McNasty, October 24, 2008:

    Yeah, after reading some more stuff about it I reckon this could actually be good!

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  • DonkeySpank, October 27, 2008:

    Yep, this will be AWFUL or GREAT! Begins tonight so I’ll set the SKY+ box…. 😉

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  • DonkeySpank, October 28, 2008:

    Well I managed to catch 5 minutes of it about 2/3rds of the way through the first episode (recorded it on the Sky+ box for watching fully later this week).

    The success of this was always going to hang in the balance with the quality of the zombies… and I have to say they delivered in spades! Gutteral, strong, fast and ferocious – the zombies are absolutely brilliant! I’m really looking forward to watching this properly now, fingers crossed it lives up to initial expectations!!

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