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Five Across The Eyes

by Ghastly McNasty

I picked up a rental of ‘Five Across The Eyes’. The story? On coming back from a football game, a group of young women are lost on taking a shortcut through a back road. They are pursued by a deranged driver.

The DVD cover was dotted with “award-winning” blurbs. It must be good if it won awards. It was even described as “smart” and “original”.

Unfortunately, I should have taken a large pinch of salt on reading this “rave” review.

I was bored to tears listening those women talking about inane things. The movie is really about 5 women being hysterical; crying and running all over the place. There were no scary moments nor any suspense.

Yes, there were some scenes of gore which would appease a few horror fans. However, I’m not interested in gore. It seems to me that current horror movies are all about blood-letting and that disappoints me.

I suppose the concept of a group of women being chased by a stranger for no reason can be scary never mind cliched, but it was poorly executed.

Grainy video footage and awkward camera angles. The actresses couldn’t act, in fact they should get a refund from their acting school. The dialog were weak.

For the love of God, please do not waste your time watching this DVD.


I rate this movie 3 out of 10. And I’m being too kind.

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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  • Ghastly McNasty, June 18, 2008:

    I’ve got a feeling that it will be low…can I push you for a rating Jova (out of 10)

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