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Beyond the Rave

by Ghastly McNasty

I like the idea of using the Theatre of Terror as…. a theatre! and showing comic strips from Scream on a regular basis. We can also use the site to show any new comic strips we or anyone else makes. I’ll get in touch with whoever runs this Action site http://www.sevenpennynightmare.co.uk and see if they want to ‘play’ some of their comic scans on this site as well like a ‘guest contributor’

I also love Italian Spiderman. He is officially the man. I like the idea of ‘playing’ things in the theatre. Hopefully it will encourage people to log on and get their weekly hit of whatever the hell we are currently ‘showing’ on the Theatre of Terror.

With all this in mind i’m going to start showing the new(ish) Hammer film ‘Beyond the Rave’ in weekly installments. I’ve not seen it myself because i dont seem to have the time, but maybe i will if i can watch it in snippets on this site.

Check out the trailer below:

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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