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Monster continued…

by Ghastly McNasty


After a few false starts the Theatres of Terror is now the perfect platform to showcase the remainder of one of Scream’s greatest story lines ‘Monster’. Monster tells the story of Kenny Corman and his hideously deformed uncle Terry. Both outcasts in a cruel world, Uncle Terry’s nasty habit of savagely killing anybody who crossed his path, forced the heroic pair to go on the run. Monster followed their journey across Britain as they attempted to get Uncle Terry to a doctor in Scotland that would be able to help him with his anger management.

Originally penned by the great comic supremo Alan Moore, Monster survived the cull at IPC Magazines and was continued to conclusion in sister comic Eagle.

You can view the entire story line, as published in the 15 issues of Scream! the UK’s greatest kids horror comic from the early Eighties, by visiting The Gallery on our main site Back from the Depths. For those desperate to know what happens next on this incredible journey you can catch up on the story so far by clicking the thumbnail below.

Monster; the story so far.

Starting now, and continuing right here over the next few weeks, prepare for the conclusion of the one of the greatest stories ever told. Ladies and gentlemen, Monster.

MonsterMonster; the story so far.

Monster; the story so far.Monster

More next week…

by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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