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Doomlord : The Deathlords of Nox (Director’s Cut)

by M.I.K.

Some of you may be aware that a Doomlord collection, “The Deathlords of Nox” was published by Hibernia a couple of years back, and a great little collection it is too, but while looking through old copies of Eagle recently, I noticed something odd. Hibernia’s version of the story was missing 3 pages.

Whether this was an oversight on the part of David McDonald, who compiled the collection, or simply done to keep the pagecount down, I don’t know, but needless to say, the omission seems to have gone unnoticed. The three pages aren’t essential to enjoy the rest of the story but they are quite fun and I think say a lot about the character of Doomlord himself.

The pages fit into the story after the episode that has Doomlord posing as a department store Santa. Here they are for your delectation…

Doomlord page 1

Doomlord page 2

Doomlord page 3

by M.I.K.

Theatre of Terror

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  • Ghastly McNasty, May 15, 2008:

    Can’t beat a bit of Doomlord. Thanks for the upload M.I.K.

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  • DonkeySpank, May 18, 2008:

    Superb. Doomlord is one of my all time favourites. Really nice to see some extended bits of storyline!

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  • M.I.K., June 24, 2008:

    I’ve now replaced the scans with some higher resolution ones ‘cos they were a bit small.

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  • Hadley Connor, October 14, 2016:

    Thank-you so much for the extra doomlord pages. Do you ahve nay others. I wish they’d release a complete Doomlord graphic novel.

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  • john, October 21, 2018:

    what eagle issue was the three missing pages form
    it’s good to print other stories on the web site
    John kealy

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  • M.I.K., October 22, 2018:

    Hello, John. I think it’s the issue with the cover date ‘December 31, 1983’, (which is why the story is set at New Year).

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  • John kealy, November 12, 2018:

    seen Stan Lee has

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