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Curtis Bronson (Ghost Hunter) Meets The Snake Mummy (part one)

by M.I.K.

To my knowledge there were two Buster Books Of Spooky Stories published, one cover-dated 1975 and one 1976. The following story is from the latter. According to an article by Edward Berridge in Hibernia‘s Thirteenth Floor collection, the Buster Book Of Spooky Stories was conceived as a way of using strips from an unpublished horror comic which would have been named Chiller, but didn’t surface due to the publishers getting cold feet. This may be where the other Curtis Bronson story published in the book is from but not the one reproduced below. This one is actually an altered reprint from elsewhere.

So where did this story originate? From the pages of a comic called Smash! , circa 1969. The Buster Book version has been changed so that it features the character of Curtis Bronson. The character Bronson replaces originally had blonde hair, no moustache and went by the name of Angus McCraggan.

And the mysterious Septimus Drood? He was originally beardless and went by the name of Cursitor Doom.  I’ll be telling you more about him when I post the second half of this tale.



Continued Next Week!

by M.I.K.

Theatre of Terror

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