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The Bash Street Kid versus Dracula.

by M.I.K.

I found this while perusing the Comics UK site. Plug from classic British comic strip The Bash Street Kids, (from The Beano), and someone who looks suspiciously like Vincent Price on the cover of the same comic.

Plug (cover of final issue)

I really want to read that story now. I also found something related to Scream! comic. The cover of the last issue of Cor!!, featuring the Really-Ghastlys from Fiends and Neighbours. Cor!! was the comic in which they originally appeared.

Cor!! (cover of final issue)

by M.I.K.

Theatre of Terror

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  • Countess Duckula, June 14, 2008:

    cute…I like the benign vampire face in the sky and the tomato sauce 🙂

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