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by Ghastly McNasty

The long running and popular fantasy horror role-playing game Kult was originally created in Sweden by Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersén way back in 1991. Notable for its philosophical and religious depth as well as its extreme violence and mature content Kult is a ‘cult classic’ amongst RPG fans.

The story of Kult is set in contemporary times but borrows from gnostic beliefs to present our world as an ‘Illusion’ behind which a darker and sinister ‘Reality’ lurks filled with unspeakable horrors and evil. Characters in the RPG experience an ‘Awakening’, granting them special powers and allowing them to see both parts of existence, including the monsters and terrors that lie beyond. Sounds like it would make an excellent horror comic!

Well it just so happens that Dark Horse is releasing a 4 part mini series set in the world of Kult.

Dark Horse claim

The Kult series introduces this setting anew with parole officer Tomas Zenk, one of the few who can pierce the illusion. As he overcomes monsters sent to kill him, Zenk discovers the true extent of his powers, including the ability to exert control over the machinery of humanity’s enslavement. But will he aid the forces attempting to bring down the illusion . . . or succumb to the temptations of power?

Issue 1 is now available. Find out more, including a 6 page preview, on the Dark Horse website.


Theatre of Terror

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Top 20 Tales from the Crypt Covers

by Ghastly McNasty

Tales from the Crypt Covers

A real treat for you today in our horror comic cover series with the 20 best covers from Tales of the Crypt. Back in the 50’s news racks were filled with comics vying for the attention of young readers. Featuring great artwork from the skilled hands of Johnny Craig, Al Feldstein & Jack Davis, these wonderful covers made E.C.Comics stand out in the crowd.


Theatre of Terror

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The Demon Within from House of Mystery #201

by Ghastly McNasty

The Demon WithinGary’s parents are not impressed by their sons new talent, so much so they opt for rather drastic measures to keep the neighbours from talking. If he’d known how much of an embarrasment he would be, i’m certain young Gary would have preferred to keep The Demon Within a secret. Plot by Joe Orlando, script by John Albano and art by Jim Aparo.




Theatre of Terror

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Cowboys & Aliens Trailer

by Ghastly McNasty

Cowboys & Aliens

Yet another big screen adaption of a popular comic book hits the cinemas this week. Cowboys & Aliens is a 2006 graphic novel created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and written by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley, with Luciano Lima and Dennis Calero in the art department.

I gotta say, what an absolutely fantastic name and concept. Shame about the tag line on the poster above, terrible.

On paper the signs look promising. It has a great cast including Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Sam Rockwell. Iron Man director Jon Favreau has the helm, Ron Howard is producer, and comic creator Rosenberg onboard for input. Have you seen this film? Let us know your thoughts.

You can find out more on the official website.


Theatre of Terror

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10 More Top Horror Comic Logos

by Ghastly McNasty

Back once again with the ill behaviour we have 10 more of the most horrible horror comic logos ever to crawl from the pit.

1. Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider
The best of the many incarnations of the Ghost Rider logo. Stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the devil, you know the rest.


2. Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor
Brandon Seifert & Lukas Ketner’s new horror comic looks set to take the world by storm. Come back soon for a review of this latest offering from Image/Skybound Comics.


3. Psycho
Psycho Logo
An excellent example of an image as an onomatopoeia. It’s one really angry looking logo!


4. Dead World

The zombies have taken over thanks to King Zombie.


5. Hack/Slash
Popular horror comic series with a cool logo. See the forward slash between the two words? See what they’ve done there? Nice!


6. Eerie
Eerie logo
Uncle Eerie himself would be proud of this logo.


7. Hellboy
Mike Mignola’s hell powered hero has a very sophisticated logo.


8. The Vault of Horror

What self repecting horror logo list would be complete without an entry from E.C. Comics.


9. Lady Death
Lady Death
Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes’ kick-ass character Lady Death first appeared in the early 90’s and quickly became every fan boys wettest dream. Great use of font for a simple but effective logo.


10. The Sandman
The Sandman
A very simple and unobtrusive logo. It sits there with its gentle curve, watching…waiting. It has all the time in the world.


Theatre of Terror

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The Kid and the Killer and the Bum Rap from Nightmare #15

by Ghastly McNasty

The Kid and the Killer and the Bum RapFrom the pages of Skywald Publishing’s Nightmare comes a tale of two villains to make you shudder in delight. This dark story proves that sometimes wrongs do make a right as you will see for yourselves in The Kid and the Killer and the Bum Rap. Written by Joe Westmuller and illustrated by Cueto.




Theatre of Terror

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The Art of Erland Mørk

by Ghastly McNasty

Norwegian artist Erlend Mørk uses photography as his medium to create psychologically disturbing images. Born November 1, 1983 he describes his work as ‘manipulated dark and surrealistic photography’.

My works are symbolic representations of my views and reflections about these. The creatures in my works are as such mad, lost or isolated, in search of some absolute among the relative, trying to know an objective truth, or just become complete nihilists.

Take a look at some of his work below.

The recent tragic bombings and shootings that took place in Norway came as a huge shock that united many Norwegians in grief. It will be interesting to see how the events of 22nd July will affect the country, especially Norway’s artistic output which will be reflective of the mood of it’s people.

For dark artists like Erland you have to wonder if his work will move away from disturbing visual imagery or if he will delve deeper in to the macarbe. When true horror presents itself in real life, complete with stark images of bodies, eye witness accounts of truly terrifying moments, all played over and over by the media on TV, will the public’s appetite for fantasy horror be diminished or will it grow?

You can see more of Erlend’s twisted vision on his site


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