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The Demon Within from House of Mystery #201

by Ghastly McNasty

The Demon WithinGary’s parents are not impressed by their sons new talent, so much so they opt for rather drastic measures to keep the neighbours from talking. If he’d known how much of an embarrasment he would be, i’m certain young Gary would have preferred to keep The Demon Within a secret. Plot by Joe Orlando, script by John Albano and art by Jim Aparo.



by Ghastly McNasty

Theatre of Terror

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  • DrTorch, November 13, 2013:

    I read this story as part of an anthology (one of those $1 DC giant comics) circa 1976. Powerful story then, and even more relevant now w/ all of the ritalin being pumped into boys in public schools.

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  • PJ, May 2, 2014:

    The giant comic was ‘Best of DC’, C-52 in 1977, the cover of which was a big smiling Superman. A haunting tale about basically a reader’s proxy to include in a book that may have been purchased by someone’s mom or grandmother who saw smiling Superman and thought ‘Little Gary will love this.’ Yeah. Hide away anything that might upset your parents or sister, little boy, or we’ll fix you but good. Since the tale was originally a 1972 story, its strong evidence that the bronze age had begun by then, and that comics in the 70s were not all sunshine and goofiness.

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