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His father lay buried, killed by… whatever it was that lurked in the attic of his grim, old house…

Now fear clawing at his heart, Kenny Corman mounted the stairs towards that locked forbidden room.

Twelve years - all Kenny's life - this room had been kept its sinister secret. But now Kenny was alone…

Now he would find out.


"Is anybody there?"

Kenny Corman had had nightmares before. He'd woken in the dead of the night with his flesh creeping and with icy fingers squeezing his spine.

He'd seen the nameless horrors that haunt dreams - the warped and twisted things that wait in the twighlight world of imagined terror.

But nothing in his darkest dreams had prepared him for…This!
Monster, Issue 2 :Scream


This terrifying encounter was the first meeting of Kenny Corman and his hideously deformed uncle Terry. Both outcasts in a cruel world, Uncle Terry's nasty habit of savagely killing anybody who crossed his path, forced the heroic pair to go on the run. Monster followed their journey across Britain as they attempted to get Uncle Terry to a doctor in Scotland that would be able to help him with his anger management.
Monster was a fantastic story of trying to find a peaceful place in a cruel world filled with selfish people and fraught with danger. This tale was one of two stories that survived Scream's merger with Eagle. The very fact it was not dropped shows what a gripping story it was. Monster continued in Eagle until 30th March 1985.

You can now re-live the great adventure that is Monster online in The Gallery along with many other Scream stories.

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