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Scream lives on in Back from the Depths

On 24th March 1984 Scream! hit the shelves of newsagents around the world. The fantastic stories within its pages had kids shaking in their shoes in a way no other comic has ever achieved. Then, after only 15 issues, Scream! mysteriously ended. Rumours of strikes at IPC Magazines, the comic's creators, could have been the cause. Declining comic sales in the UK another. Possibly the grizzly nature of Scream! caused hordes of desperate mothers to get the comic banned. Who knows? Maybe a darker mystery lies at the heart of this puzzle, a bizarre twist that no one has the answer to. Whatever did happen the fact remains the Scream! was an awesome comic, nearly forgotten forever…nearly, but not anymore.

For 15 issues Scream! thrilled a generation with horror and humour before its untimely death in June 84. This site is a memorial to the memory of Scream! The stories, artwork and characters are buried deep in the cartoon graveyard but the comic's cult status ensures it will live forever! Just remember, it's Not for the Nervous..
Scream survived as part of the Eagle masthead until March 85 then it was dropped for ever. Scream did emerge for 5 holiday specials. Check them out in the cover art section.
Eagle comic and Scream comic merge
From the Depths Scream! was produced 'from the depths' of King's Reach Tower, home of IPC Magazines. The once human editor Ghastly McNasty made sure each issue was filled with fright, enough to whet the ghoulish appetites of young horror enthusiasts.
The Scream Dream Team

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