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Ask Ghastly

Q1 Where can I buy some copies of Scream?

A1 Ebay usually has a few auctions of Scream comics running at any one time. Single issues are fairly easy to buy and occasionally complete sets of Scream do appear for sale. If you just want to read some of the old stories that mage you shiver then check out The Gallery, but remember It's Not For The Nervous.


Q2 What ever happened to Uncle Terry?

A2 The week before Eagle merged with Tiger, (another popular boys comic from the Eighties) on the 30th March 1985, the story of Monster came to an end. In Issue 15 of Scream we are left with a cliffhanger as Kenny and Terry are escaping by boat from a bunch of fishermen. Eventually they both find their way into the hands of the authorities and Kenny is sent to live with his Aunt Madge in Billawongi, New South Wales. Uncle Terry, however, having only the mental age of a three year old, is deemed unfit to stand trial for his murders and sent to a mental hospital for the rest of his life. By a bizarre twist of fate a security van he is in crashes and the 'Bricester Monster' is on the loose again. After many great adventures Terry finally makes it to Australia, where, unable to find his nephew Kenny, he eventually finds happiness living in the Australian outback with a hermit called Digger Muldoon. You can read the full continued story on The Theater of Terror.


Q3 What does your face look like Mr McNasty?

A3 My horrible face was finally revealed in one of the Scream Summer Specials. It really is too terrible to show, however, it is hidden somewhere within this website. You have been warned, you will not sleep peacefully for a week!


Q4 I have all 15 copies of Scream, how much are they worth?

A4 You can buy individual copies of Scream for around 5 English pounds on Ebay. I have seen issues 1-15 and two Summer Specials go for over 140 pounds! Surprisingly, the free gifts that came with the first two issues are not worth much. The real money is with the rare Holiday Specials, in particular the elusive 5th special 'Spinechillers' Is it possible that the contents of this comic were too grusome for the kiddies? Keep your eyes peeled Scream fans!

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