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Print edition of Hallowscream! 2012 & Deadline extension for Christmas Special

Just a quick note to tell you that you can now purchase a physical copy of the fourth issue of Hallowscream HERE!


All three previous issues are also available.

Plus, we’ve extended the deadline for people submitting finished material to the Christmas Special. You now have until December 10th.

Incidentally, the Christmas Special now has a name…

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Back From The Depths Presents : HALLOWSCREAM! 2012

It’s ALIVE (again) !

The Back From The Depths 2012 HALLOWSCREAM! Hallowe’en Special has returned from the depths once more and is available to download as a totally free pdf file!

60 pages of horror for your delectation, a bevvy of beasties and brutality behind a monstrous cover by Malcolm Kirk!

SEE the stomach-churning sideshow freak!

HEAR the bellowing countryside beast which feasts upon unwary wanderers into its domain!

SMELL the bodily emissions of the not exactly undead!
They sing! They dance!

You can download this issue from BACK FROM THE DEPTHS, MEDIAFIRE or DROPBOX, or view it online at MYEBOOK, (login required for myebook due to gory content).

File size is 26.5mb.

Full contents are as follows…

Page 3 : Beaten Path Story by John J Owens, Art by Neil Roberts
Page 9 : The Gravedigger Story by Matt Garvey, Art by Erick Marquez

Page 14 : Sucked Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by El Chivo, Letters by Jim Campbell
Page 17 : Farmin’ Story by Paul Eldridge, Art by Chow Martin
Page 19 : Cash 4 Souls Story & Art by Gordon Innes
Page 20 : Youkai Chronicles : Mokumokuren Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Antony Rothwell
Page 25 : Terrorvision Guide by Malcolm Kirk
Page 26 : Gaki Story by Paul Bristow, Design by Malcolm Kirk
Page 29 : Charles Wynford Lodge Movie Posters by Julian Jones
Page 30 : Buck Tucker : Enemy of Love Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Bhuna
Page 33 : Terribly Bad Monsters : To Be Frank Story & Art by Christopher Geary
Page 34 : The Pond Story by Chris Sides, Art by Chris Travell
Page 41 : Terribly Bad Monsters : A Curse Unwound Story & Art by Christopher Geary
Page 42 : A Grim Tale : Freakshow Story & Art by Malcolm Kirk
Page 43 : Dead Wood Story by Dave Roberts, Art & Letters by Michael Kennedy
Page 47 : The Nuisance Story & Art by Antony Rothwell
Page 49 : Rayne : Demon Hunter Story & Art by Rattan Bhagwandin
Page 54 : AAIIEEE! Advertisement
Page 55 : The Wanbies Story by Tim West, Art by Neil McClements
Page 59 : Deadvertisements by Malcolm Kirk
Page 60 : Back Cover Skull by Malcolm Kirk

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Hallowscream now available via Comicsy

You can now purchase printed copies of Hallowscream via the all new Comicsy website.

With just over 2 weeks until the launch of Hallowscream 4, we are delighted to announce you can now swot up on the 3 previous issues by taking a trip over to the wonderful new UK small press website Comicsy. This excellent site contains a whole host of comics, antholgies and small press doodlings from some awesome names in the UK comics scene, may of who have graced the pages of our beloved Hallowscream.

If you’re too skint to purchase Hallowscream, dont forget you can download them as free digital PDF’s by visiting the Hallowscream website.

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Countdown to Hallowscream

It is coming…

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Hallowscream Thrilling Fourth Issue Guidelines and…

We at Back From The Depths are once again looking for contributors for our free, annual pdf horror comic, HALLOWSCREAM


we’re also looking for contributors for something else.

That’s right. This year we’re doing not one but two creepy comics, and we need all the scares we can get. What is this second scare-filled tome? I’ll tell you what it is – it’s a Christmas special.

It’s yet to be named, but we’re looking for yuletide based horror yarns along with the more general stuff.


Ideal submissions should be horror orientated and must be weird or spooky to make the final cut. We are mainly looking for completed comic strips between 1-7 pages in length. Script submissions should also preferably be around 1-7 pages in length. Eerie illustrations and artwork along with interesting horror/comic articles, scary short stories, petrifying poems or anything just plain creepy will also be considered.


Identical to the Hallowscream guidelines, but submissions must have either a Christmas or winter theme. Anything which doesn’t meet that criteria will be more likely to end up in Hallowscream.


If you’re looking to illustrate something, get in contact and we’ll give you details of available scripts.

We’ll also consider material previously published elsewhere, as long as the contributors own the copyright.

Completed artwork can be either colour or black and white, and should preferably be A4 (21cm x 29.7cm) 300 dpi jpegs.

Submissions can be sent to or

As this is a non-profit, small press publication, contributors will not be paid but they will retain copyright on any material submitted.


Deadlines for the Hallowe’en and Christmas editions are identical. There’s no need to point out which issue your story is meant for, as it should be obvious from the story’s content.

  • Scripts, articles and text submissions : Sunday 22nd July
  • Artwork : Sunday 7th October
  • Completed strips : Sunday 21st October.

The finished issue of Hallowscream will be available online for FREE on October 31st. The finished issue of the Christmas special will likely be available online for FREE mid-December.

You will also be able to purchase print version via the online publishing site Lulu.

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Hallowscream now available in Print


Fans of indie horror comics, who like to feel the rustle of paper against their fingers, will be pleased to know that you can now purchase print versions all all 3 Hallowscreams from Lulu. Revel in the gloriously glossy covers and steel your nerves for the beautiful black and white horror filled pages inside.

Visit Lulu and order your copies today.

For those who just want to see what all the fuss is about before you part with your hard earned cash, you can download all 3 issues of Hallowscream for FREE in the left hand menu of this site. Don’t forget to check out the BlackFriars special by Michael Crouch too!

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Hallowscream 2011

Here you are then ghosts and ghoulies, for your viewing pleasure, Back from the Depths is proud to present the 2011 edition of everyones favourite horror anthology Hallowscream. Just click on the creepy cover below, sit back and delve in to the darker side of comics. This is the perfect treat for a horrific Halloween.

At 112 pages it’s a bit of a monster, weighing in at just over 53MB, so may take a short while to download.

Hallowscream 2011

Don’t forget there is still a chance to get hold a printed version of the comic by pledging money to the Hallowscream IndieGoGo Appeal. There’s only a few hours left to show your appreciation so click on the link above, watch the appeal video, and give generously to this worthy cause.

Full contents are as follows…

  • Page 3 : Passenger Story by Chris Sides, Art by Chris Travell
  • Page 9 : Storage Story by Lizzie Boyle, Art by Louis Carter
  • Page 14 : Pirates Story by Tim West, Art by Nathaniel Allen
  • Page 19 : Man-Eater Story by Alec Robertson, Art by Christopher Geary
  • Page 25 : Charles Wynford Lodge Movie Posters by Julian Jones
  • Page 26 : Deep Ship by Gordon Innes
  • Page 31 : Terrorvision Guide by Malcolm Kirk
  • Page 32 : Deccappucino Story by Jeff Edmond, Art & Adaptation by Vin Davis
  • Page 39 : Vampire Vixens of The Wehrmacht Pin-up by Alex Ronald
  • Page 40 : The Wandering Man Story by David Hailwood, Art by Chow
  • Page 45 : Spatial Bewareness by Gordon Innes
  • Page 49 : The Offering by Emilio Martinez
  • Page 55 : Old Georgie Jigsaw Story by Jeff Edmond, Art & Adaptation by Vin Davis
  • Page 61 : Charles Wynford Lodge Movie Posters by Julian Jones
  • Page 62 : Donation Story by Richard Worth, Art by Christian Berg
  • Page 65 : Mag, Scientist (Dinnertime of The Dead) by Malcolm Kirk
  • Page 66 : Wonderful World of Serendipity Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Tony Rothwell, Lettering by Jim Campbell
  • Page 72 : A Wolf At The Door Story by Kenneth Thurtell, Art by Harry Shotton, Lettering by HdE
  • Page 77 : Dead Time Story Story by Scott Hartman, Art by El Chivo,
    Lettering by David Withers
  • Page 80 : Speed Date 2 : Cruz Control Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Bhuna, Lettering by Chaingun Chimp
  • Page 86 : Ubek Naren-Ka Story by Matthew McLaughlin, Art by Ghostpockets,
    Lettering by Bolt-01
  • Page 91 : Monster Story by Erick Lipkowski, Adaptation by Tim West,
    Art by Carol Kewley
  • Page 97: Death Pitch Story by Jose Cruz, Art by Annie Cox
  • Page 103 : Teddy Bear’s Picnic Story by Tim West, Art by Glen Ostrander
  • Page 105 : How Can You Like That Horror Stuff? by Huw Evans
  • Page 111 : Deadvertisements by Malcolm Kirk
  • …and… Page 112 : Back Cover Skull by Malcolm Kirk

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Hallowscream Update

The ‘raise enough money to get Hallowscream printed appeal’ continues over on IndieGoGo. So far we’ve received $125 of contributions from horror fans who will all be receiving our eternal thanks and a copy of this years creepy comicHallowscream.

If you want to get your hands on a beautiful printed version of Hallowscream make sure you visit the IndieGoGo Campaign Page and make a pledge to the cause. With donations starting from just $10 it’s such a bloody great bargain you’d be mental not to do it!

Download issues 1 & 2 of the Hallowscream tribute comic below:

Hallowscream 2009

Hallowscream 2010

Hallowscream 2010

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Hallowscream IndieGoGo Campaign



Hallowscream is a global horror comic that brings artists and writers together from around the world. The project is open to both amateur and professional comic creators and you can see the mix of styles and stories for yourself in the first two issues on the Hallowscream site.

Hallowscream Editor 'The Reaper'In March of this year we announced details of Hallowscream 2011 on various platforms around the internet. From that announcement we received loads of stories from eager horror writers all looking to see their work appear in an online comic. Some of these terrifying tales were already in script format while others arrived as spooky short stories or even petrifying poems. We were then able to match these stories to comic artists who had answered our call and wanted to be a part of Hallowscream. We also received a few completed horror strips from existing comic creators which had yet to be published. This year’s issue features the work of contributors from America, Australia, UK (where it all began) and the rest of Europe!

Visit the IndieGoGo site to find out more details and to pledge money to this project. Make sure you check out the promotional video and take a look at the rewards you get for pledging money to the cause.

If the full target is not reached then the campaign will be cancelled and this fang-tastic comic will not be printed. It’s all or nothing by October 31st.

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Hallowscream Submission Deadlines

The 3rd issue of Hallowscream, the Scream! inspired horror anthology is set to be released this coming Halloween. This community based project brings together horror writers and artists to produce a yearly comic filled with fearsome stories and creepy comic capers. We have been busy reading horror comic scripts and stories from writers and matching them to artists looking to illustrate a complete strip. It’s a unique project ideal for those looking to break in to the industry and for those established contributors looking for a platform to promote their work.

Thanks to a huge response from horror comic creators around the world this year’s issue will be the best yet! We are now no longer accepting story submissions for this year’s edition of Hallowscream. A massive thank you to all those who have sent in a story. Not every submitted story has been selected to appear in the 2011 issue. Don’t worry though, there’s always next year.

We have a load of finished stories already with many more still being worked on. For those artists out there still furiously drawing and painting the official deadline date for final submissions is Sunday 23rd October. Please make sure you have submitted the completed work by that date. Anything later and we cannot guarantee it will make it in to the comic.

LAST CHANCE SALOON: If you’re an comic creator still looking to be part of this awesome project and believe you could illustrate a story before the the deadline (2 months away) then get in touch immediately. We have plenty of great stories that need bringing to life at the hands of a talented artist.

The finished issue will be available online on October 31st 2011. For more information and to get involved visit the dedicated Hallowscream Forum over on

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