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by Ghastly McNasty

To celebrate the launch of the Scream! & Misty Halloween Special, Rebellion have created this exclusive trailer featuring a couple of our favourite Scream! characters. Check this out…

There’s a hazy memory held by many Scream! fans of a TV advert for the original┬ácomic publication back in the 1980’s. The internet has been scoured but it seems that the advert has slipped in to the twilight zone, never to be seen again. This vid from Rebellion is a lovely tribute. Well done!

The Scream! & Misty special will be available from newsagents some time this month. Make sure you pick up a copy.


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by Ghastly McNasty

Several pairs of knickers were twisted online when the cover for the Scream & Misty special was released in July. Many fans of Misty were disappointed that the logo for Scream! was significantly larger than the logo for Misty. Boo hoo hoo. The ghosts and ghouls of Back from the Depths were delighted with the unequal footing the logos were given but we are a little biased.

To even the unfairness, a second cover has been drawn up by none other than the legend that is Glenn Fabry. Check it out below…


I’m sure we can all agree it’s bloody gorgeous.

The Scream & Misty/Misty & Scream Special is launched this October but is likely to be overshadowed by the launch of Hallowscrem 9 this coming Halloween. Make sure you order your special from your newsagent and get your copy of Hallowscream 9 FREE on October 31st at www.hallowscream.net


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