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Yuck! #5 – Review

by Decapitated Dan

Issue: Yuck! #5
Creators: Various
Publisher: Milk Shadow Books
Release Date: 2011
Price: $4.00

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
Eww, gross, sick… Yuck! That’s right readers, my all time favorite Down Under-Ground Comic is back and packing a punch. This issue contains 13 different stories and pin-ups for your viewing/reading pleasure. I do think it has to be mentioned that this is a Mature title, so it contains topics like sex and death, and really everything possible that is in between. Some of my favorite creators from past issues are back in this issue and they deliver the laughs. Dexter Cockburn has a very funny story that plays on early Sci-Fi movie, and of course his artwork is amazing. David Degrand is back with some really hilarious comic strip style shorts. Frank Candiloro brings back the Millennial Monsters in what I think is their best short yet. My highlight of the issue though, was being introduced to Mady ‘Shimee’ G on the story “Black Acid”. Not only was it a fun read, it was GORE-Geous to look at. Every single page of this book has something unique and beautiful on it. I love getting new issues of Yuck! to take a look at, because it reminds me that you can have tons of fun with comics. This title delivers a home run with each and every single issue.

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5Story: 4.5 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about Yuck #5 you can find it at


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Back From The Depths Presents : HALLOWSCREAM! 2012

by M.I.K.

It’s ALIVE (again) !

The Back From The Depths 2012 HALLOWSCREAM! Hallowe’en Special has returned from the depths once more and is available to download as a totally free pdf file!

60 pages of horror for your delectation, a bevvy of beasties and brutality behind a monstrous cover by Malcolm Kirk!

SEE the stomach-churning sideshow freak!

HEAR the bellowing countryside beast which feasts upon unwary wanderers into its domain!

SMELL the bodily emissions of the not exactly undead!
They sing! They dance!

You can download this issue from BACK FROM THE DEPTHS, MEDIAFIRE or DROPBOX, or view it online at MYEBOOK, (login required for myebook due to gory content).

File size is 26.5mb.

Full contents are as follows…

Page 3 : Beaten Path Story by John J Owens, Art by Neil Roberts
Page 9 : The Gravedigger Story by Matt Garvey, Art by Erick Marquez

Page 14 : Sucked Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by El Chivo, Letters by Jim Campbell
Page 17 : Farmin’ Story by Paul Eldridge, Art by Chow Martin
Page 19 : Cash 4 Souls Story & Art by Gordon Innes
Page 20 : Youkai Chronicles : Mokumokuren Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Antony Rothwell
Page 25 : Terrorvision Guide by Malcolm Kirk
Page 26 : Gaki Story by Paul Bristow, Design by Malcolm Kirk
Page 29 : Charles Wynford Lodge Movie Posters by Julian Jones
Page 30 : Buck Tucker : Enemy of Love Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Bhuna
Page 33 : Terribly Bad Monsters : To Be Frank Story & Art by Christopher Geary
Page 34 : The Pond Story by Chris Sides, Art by Chris Travell
Page 41 : Terribly Bad Monsters : A Curse Unwound Story & Art by Christopher Geary
Page 42 : A Grim Tale : Freakshow Story & Art by Malcolm Kirk
Page 43 : Dead Wood Story by Dave Roberts, Art & Letters by Michael Kennedy
Page 47 : The Nuisance Story & Art by Antony Rothwell
Page 49 : Rayne : Demon Hunter Story & Art by Rattan Bhagwandin
Page 54 : AAIIEEE! Advertisement
Page 55 : The Wanbies Story by Tim West, Art by Neil McClements
Page 59 : Deadvertisements by Malcolm Kirk
Page 60 : Back Cover Skull by Malcolm Kirk


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