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Max and The Cat Burglar (A Thirteenth Floor Interlude).

by M.I.K.

Well I don’t know what the delay is, but you’ve probably noticed that Mr. McNasty is taking a while to upload more installments of The Thirteenth Floor. While we’re waiting, I thought I’d post a story from the 1987 Eagle Annual.

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page 2

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Hopefully, normal service will resume shortly, until then…

Ghastly Santa

by M.I.K.

Theatre of Terror

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  • Ghastly McNasty, December 27, 2008:

    Wow, never seen that before. How cool. Cheers M.I.K.

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  • Rafiq Raja, December 29, 2008:

    Brought back lot of old memories about 13th floor… Thanks for this issue.

    Rafiq Raja

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  • DonkeySpank, January 13, 2009:

    Not read that one before and I have to say it’s refreshingly gruesome! I like the way Max actually kills the bad guy and just leaves his corpse to rot at the bottom of a lift shaft! Jeez!! I think the writer got a little bored of cats too, the switch to Everest and the Yeti was particularly odd. Great find MIK and thanks for sharing it!

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  • Binsky, February 3, 2009:

    Hi there, I was searching around for back issues of Scream, and found this site. The two stories I remember most fondly were the 13th floor and the short story about the picknick under an apparently very hungry tree. Needless to say, finding all those episodes of the 13th floor made me very happy. 😉

    I just wanted to thank you folks for putting these online for us all to enjoy!

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  • Penny, February 10, 2009:

    …that santa scared me. My mom has an old black and white photograph of a santa that looks like one of those “death photos”-u know-like in the movie ‘The Others’?! Anyway, I took it down and threw it away this last Christmas, but when I got up in the morning, it was hanging on the wall…I had a mini heart attack, but my mom says she knew I’d try to get rid of it and so she’d been watching.
    I’m going to drive that thing to the DUMP this year!

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