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Free films

by Ghastly McNasty

I love horror and watch a scary movie at least once a week. I’m hoping that the people who look at this site are going to be influenced to watch some of the films I have reviewed. If I have rated it at 7 or above then, in my opinion, it’s worth viewing. Obviously I’m no authority on movies but I reckon if you’re reading this then you probably have the same interests and tastes as me.

If you do watch a Theatre of Terror recommended film then please review it yourself on this site. The more opinions the better and I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree with what I have written.

Most of the film I watch are downloaded off the internet. Yes it is illegal, but I still go to the cinema and sometimes buy good films. I can’t see too much point investing in a great DVD collection when 10 years down the line it’s going to be replaced by a new technology. Also most film review are biased and unbelieveable, the IMDB is used as a battle ground between movie studios, and film advertising can claim 5 star status when secretly it’s promoting an absolute stinker.

I’m all about free peace and sharing the love. So, for those who don’t know how to download free shit from the net, here’s a little guide:

A lot of people I know still use programs like Kazaa and Limewire to download music and movies. This method is about 5 years out of date and has been replaced by something know as torrents. Just an alternative method of file sharing to Limewire. I won’t bore you with the technical details but here is Ghastly McNasty’s 3 step guide to modern file sharing.

  • 1) Download a bit torrent client I use a program called Azureus to download films. There are many others available but this one currently works for me. Visit their website and click on the big download button. Just like any other programs you download from the net, save the download to your desktop, and when the save is completed open the file and install the Azerues bit torrent client.
  • 2) Download a movie torrent Next step is to find yourself a movie you want to download. Axxo is good for movies, while Mininova has a good range of everything including music, TV programs, games and books. Go to Mininova and search for a movie you would like to watch. The search results should bring up a list of torrents available. Check the list and look for a file that has a high number of seeds. (Seeders are uploading, Leechers are downloading) Click on the link, download the torrent and save it to a folder on your computer
  • 3) Start the download Finally all you need to do is then double click on the torrent file you have just loaded. This should open up the bit torrent client program we downloaded in the first step. Choose where you want to save the movie and click OK. The download will start and all you need to do now is wait.

It really is as simple as that. Some downloads can take longer than others but just be patient. I only have a 2mb line and sometimes I have downloaded a whole movie in 2 hours! Sometimes it can take 2 days! Happy viewing.


Theatre of Terror

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30 Day of Night (2007)

by Ghastly McNasty

Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith’s vampire graphic novel gets the big screen treatment by director David Slade. Niles originally wanted his story to be a movie but a lack of interest from the studios forced him to release it as a comic book miniseries. Big comic fan Sam Raimi helps out as producer while Niles does get to have his creative input by co-writing the screenplay.

30 Days of Night Poster

30 Days of Night takes place in Barrow, Alaska, a town that suffers an extended winter period where the sun doesn’t rise for 30 days. The majority of the town don’t like to live in permanent darkness so many head south or visit relatives leaving a skelington crew of 150 hardcore locals to sit out the shitty weather. During the exodus local sheriff Eben Olesen (Josh Hartnett) finds himself investigating a series of unusual crimes including telephone theft, sabotage of the town’s helicopter and the brutal slaying of all sled dogs. It seems that someone is trying to destroy communications and means of escape. Eventually, when the power gets cut off, a band of ruthless vampires attack slaughtering the hapless townsfolk and feasting on their corpses.

This is turn up for the books, a film better than it’s source material! While the graphic novel version of 30 Days of Night isn’t too bad, it does rush through the entire excellent concept and cram the whole 30 days in to what feels like 24 hours. The film has a chance to flesh out the story and characters and makes an entertaining tale of us puny humanity trying to survive in a perpetual state of darkness against the all time creatures of the night. There’s no barricading yourself in the ammo room and making a stand. It’s about cowering in the smallest hole you can find and hoping when the vampires find you it will be a quick death.

Even with Hartnett as the lead the first half hour manages to build up an awful amount of tension. There’s a sense of impending doom as the sun packs its bags and the omen spouting stranger the sheriff picks up in the local diner only add to the feeling that something bad is just around the corner. It’s very nicely handled and by the time the real horror kicks in you should be a gibbering bag of nerves. Of course the film has it’s faults and stumbles occasionally with the 30 day timeline. Fortunately dialogue is kept to a minimum mostly because the survivors are too busy being scared shitless.

 30 Days of Night

The Buffy-fication of vamps humanized the bloodsuckers beyond recognition, giving them feelings and a desire to do good behind their undead eyes. Thankfully, the vampires in 30 Days of Night are right at the other end of the scale. I’ve not seen a vampire movie portray vampires in such a scary way in a long long time. Rather than having all the vamps wear the same tired vampire mask as seen in Buffy, Dusk till Dawn, and countless films since, these vampires all as individually freaky as you can get. Not only that but they are portrayed as animal in instincts and desires. Savage, brutal, and bloodthirsty just the way real monsters should be. When they finally attack barrow full force it’s quick and ruthless. It’s an unnatural rather than supernatural.

This film also pulls no punches in the gore department. There are plenty of squeamish deaths and decapitations and bucket loads of blood. Lovely!

A sorely missed return to form for the vampire movie. Big on scares and gore. 8/10


Theatre of Terror

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Lost Boys – Reign of Frogs

by Ghastly McNasty

On visiting my comic book shop, I discovered a comic book that came out recently. It’s called ‘Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs’. This was a spin off from The Lost Boys, the cult classic vampire movie.

Being a sucker (no pun intended) for The Lost Boys, I picked it up. And I liked it. There are cheesy moments, but I think it is more tongue in cheek than bad writing. This comic follows the Frogs brothers well known from the movie. Set in the present day, a teenager wants to become a vampire hunter and seeks out Edgar Frog. From there, there are a couple of flashbacks as Edgar explains his background as a vampire hunter. Plenty of action and blood letting. It also gave an interesting spin on American history.

The art is good but I’m not a fan of thick black outlines surrounding the characters. I find them a bit distracting. This is a limited series lasting 4 issues. I’m going to pick up another issue then I will if it’s worth sticking with it.

I also found out that there is a sequel to the Lost Boys. It’s due out this summer, straight to DVD. Straight to DVD, I ask? Does that mean it’s crap? I have no idea but I’m apprehensive seeing how most horror sequels can fail to impress. I’ll reserve my opinion until it comes out. Meanwhile, check out the trailer.


Theatre of Terror

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Monster continued… (part 3)

by Ghastly McNasty

Kenny and Terry are now seperated and it looks like Terry is about to show why eveyone calls him Monster.




Theatre of Terror

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Uzumaki, Spiral into Horror

by Ghastly McNasty

Uzumaki is a manga horror comic written and drawn by Junji Ito. It has recently been made in to a live action movie but this review focuses on the manga stories currently available as a 3 volume graphic novel series.

Uzumaki (translated means spiral) tells the story of the town of Kurozu-cho a small Japanese fishing village that has been cursed by spirals. Residents find themselves increasing obsessed with the shape and form of the spiral which leads to countless horrific deaths and bizarre events throughout the town. These events are viewed through the eyes of Kirie Goshima a young high school student who bears witness to the increasing madness as friends and family are taken over by the curse.

The first 2 volumes are filled with individual stories of terror while the third volume brings the whole tale to conclusion. The stand-alone stories are the most chilling of this entire macabre series but Junji Ito does well to actually finish such an unusual and original story without ever fully explaining exactly what has taken place.


What makes this story so interesting is that Junji Ito has taken a completely random everyday shape, the spiral, and turned it into something unknown and fearful. The ‘creature’ in this horror story is impossible to define and the horror comes from the actions of the characters who fall for the spirals charms. It gives you a certain sense of paranoia and uneasiness because these seemingly innocent shapes are all around us.

What really sets this manga apart from other horror manga is Ito’s excellent artwork. It follows the basic manga style but he manages to draw some really disturbing images throughout the series. He is able to produce big scares with the revolting imagery alone. When you add to the mix the extremely spooky storyline the result is a modern horror masterpiece.


This is the first comic book review on this site and maybe I chose Uzumaki because it’s the easiest to review. It’s certainly not the easiest to explain but as a reviewer I can only come to one, easy to make, conclusion. This is manga at its very best!

Heartily recommended to anyone who is a fan of horror, fantasy, surrealism and comics. A very worthy 10/10


Theatre of Terror

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WANTED: New Stories, Artists & Writers

by Ghastly McNasty

Wanted: Horror

Back from the Depths has always been interested in promoting new comic book ideas on the internet. We are currently looking for new comic book stories to appear in the Theatre of Terror. Do you have a new story we could showcase on this site? Need help raising awareness of your comic book skills?

With a regular fanbase of UK comic enthusiasts, Back from the Depths can help you get your work to the masses. We show weekly scans of old comics such as Eagle and everyones favourite horror comic Scream! You could see your work, showcased alongside these classics, here on this site.

We are mostly looking for horror comic strips but if you have the quality to make outstanding stories then please get in touch.


Theatre of Terror

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Doomsday (2008)

by Ghastly McNasty

Directed by Neil Marshall, the British director who previously brought us the enjoyable film Dog Soldiers (2002) and the extremely scary The Descent (2005), gets to make the film he always dreamed of making, in this futuristic action thriller Doomsday.

In 2008, the ‘Reaper’ plague sweeps across Scotland, turning the infected temporarily crazy followed by a permanent state of death. In order to prevent the disease from spreading the British government erects a solid wall around the Scottish to quarantine the population. 25 years later the deadly virus resurfaces in London. In a desperate attempt to find a cure the English Prime Minister send a crack team of special agents, lead by Rhona Mitra as the kick-ass bitch Eden Sinclair, over the wall and into the unknown.

Doomsday Movie Poster


This film is a labour of love for Neil Marshall who wrote the movie as well as directing. Marshall confessed the film is homage to post-apocalyptic films from around the 1980’s and it’s quite clear that he has been thinking about this film for a long time. Well, why else would anyone make it? Don’t get me wrong the movie is an entertaining ride down nostalgia avenue. It just feels out of place for a movie in 2008 like it should have been released at the same time as Mad Max when apocalyptic futures were full of road warriors and wide eyed men with mohicans who scream a lot.

The film has so much ground to cover and so many homages to make that fortunately it just skims the surface rather than trying to get too deep and trip over its own ridiculous storyline. The abandoned Scotland still has a few lucky survivors of the plague who have turned in to either cannibalistic cyber savages or castle-dwelling medieval knights. Society has dropped back hundreds of years. It really couldn’t have got any worse!

Doomsday Movie

Other silly little touches don’t really add to the film either. Our heroine’s detachable spy camera bionic eye is a prime example of where this film is at. Stupid for stupids sake, but at least it shows the film doesn’t take itself seriously which would have been a fatal mistake. Instead the film has a good dose humour. Knowing it is merely covering old ground the film decides to just have a bit of fun and therefore could be described as enjoyable if you like these sort of movies.

One excellent point I must add is that the film is very gory with some rather excellent death scenes. Always gets a thumbs up in my book.


Not a bad attempt at a movie and should keep you entertained for a couple of hours if you switch off the sensible button and set your teeth to popcorn chomping mode. 7/10


Theatre of Terror

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Doomlord : The Deathlords of Nox (Director’s Cut)

by M.I.K.

Some of you may be aware that a Doomlord collection, “The Deathlords of Nox” was published by Hibernia a couple of years back, and a great little collection it is too, but while looking through old copies of Eagle recently, I noticed something odd. Hibernia’s version of the story was missing 3 pages.

Whether this was an oversight on the part of David McDonald, who compiled the collection, or simply done to keep the pagecount down, I don’t know, but needless to say, the omission seems to have gone unnoticed. The three pages aren’t essential to enjoy the rest of the story but they are quite fun and I think say a lot about the character of Doomlord himself.

The pages fit into the story after the episode that has Doomlord posing as a department store Santa. Here they are for your delectation…

Doomlord page 1

Doomlord page 2

Doomlord page 3


Theatre of Terror

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Monster continued… (part 2)

by Ghastly McNasty


Time for this weeks Monster fix for all you horror comic fans out there. Catch up on the adventures of Kenny Corman and his rampaging Uncle Terry.




Theatre of Terror

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Sunshine (2007)

by Ghastly McNasty

Sci-fi horror from 28 Days Later director Danny Boyle. Set in the year 2057, the Sun is dying and a solar winter has enveloped the earth. In a desperate attempt to save the planet, the Icarus II, a spacecraft with a crew of eight men and women is sent deep in to space to deliver a nuclear device in to the heart of the fading sun.

As the spacecraft draws closer to the sun, the crew hears a distress beacon from the Icarus I, which mysteriously disappeared on the same mission seven years earlier. The crew feel duty bound to investigate even though it could endanger the entire mission and set a new course for the original Icarus. A decision that proves disastrous for the whole crew.

As a science fiction movie Sunshine works really well. We are treated to some interesting ideas about how space travel will look in the future and the solar-shielded ship has a few neat tricks to keep sci-fi buffs interested. It’s a very well cast film with everyone performing to a high standard. The crew are likeable and Cillian Murphy does an amicable job as the lead. You can feel the weight of the crucial decisions the crew have to make and you do feel part of their little family. The first two thirds of the film are very entertaining.

Unfortunately, as soon as the villain is introduced, to add a few scares to the movie, the film begins to show its flaws. The main problem for me is that once we know who/what the bad guy is the movie loses all sense of mystery. The ‘monster’ is so unscary the director allows us only glimpses of it through almost impossible to decipher vibrating camera work and weird angles and unusual lighting.

There is also an entire scene that seems to be missing from the film. There’s no oooo we discovered the other ship. It’s more like, lets dock to that ship we are suddenly right next to. Annoying.

An interesting plot with engaging characters is suddenly spoilt when they strap a vibrator and disco light to the front of the camera. However, if you love your sci-fi, you’ll probably love this film. 7/10


Theatre of Terror

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Scary Mary Poppins

by Ghastly McNasty

There’s plenty of crap on youtube but if you keep digging there are some real gems. Hooray for the internet.


Theatre of Terror

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Monster continued…

by Ghastly McNasty


After a few false starts the Theatres of Terror is now the perfect platform to showcase the remainder of one of Scream’s greatest story lines ‘Monster’. Monster tells the story of Kenny Corman and his hideously deformed uncle Terry. Both outcasts in a cruel world, Uncle Terry’s nasty habit of savagely killing anybody who crossed his path, forced the heroic pair to go on the run. Monster followed their journey across Britain as they attempted to get Uncle Terry to a doctor in Scotland that would be able to help him with his anger management.

Originally penned by the great comic supremo Alan Moore, Monster survived the cull at IPC Magazines and was continued to conclusion in sister comic Eagle.

You can view the entire story line, as published in the 15 issues of Scream! the UK’s greatest kids horror comic from the early Eighties, by visiting The Gallery on our main site Back from the Depths. For those desperate to know what happens next on this incredible journey you can catch up on the story so far by clicking the thumbnail below.

Monster; the story so far.

Starting now, and continuing right here over the next few weeks, prepare for the conclusion of the one of the greatest stories ever told. Ladies and gentlemen, Monster.

MonsterMonster; the story so far.

Monster; the story so far.Monster

More next week…


Theatre of Terror

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